Palestinian Girl and Paramedics Dispatched to Help Her Found Dead

The Jews are just killing everyone.

You hear these numbers of dead, and it’s hard to comprehend. It’s worthwhile to zoom in and consider the individual innocents who are being slaughtered by these evil Jews.

The Guardian:

“I’m so scared, please come,” were some of the last words six-year-old Hind Rajab said in a telephone call to rescuers after her family’s car came under fire in Gaza City.

Trapped in the vehicle and surrounded by her dead relatives, for three hours she pleaded with the Red Crescent to save her.

But the aid agency lost contact with the ambulance dispatched to her aid on 29 January and its crew and Hind remained missing.

Now Hind’s family has said that she was found dead inside the car in the Tel al-Hawa area of Gaza City on Saturday morning.

Hind and everyone else in the car is martyred,” her grandfather, Baha Hamada, told Agence France-Presse. “[Family members] were able to reach the area because Israeli forces withdrew early at dawn today.”

The Palestinian Red Crescent Society (PRCS) added that it had located its bombed-out ambulance just metres away, and that its two paramedics, Yusuf Al-Zeino and Ahmed Al-Madhoun, had also been killed.

The PRCS initially spoke to Hind’s 15-year-old cousin, Layan Hamadeh, who told them that her parents and siblings had been killed, adding: “They are shooting at us. The tank is next to me.” But the call was cut off by what sounded like gunfire.

The PRCS released an audio recording of the call and some of Hind’s subsequent three-hour phone conversation with dispatchers in which she pleaded for help, saying: “Come take me. You will come and take me?”

The dispatcher, Rana al-Faqeh, said Hind told her she was afraid of the dark and asked for someone to come and rescue her.

Farsakh said the Red Crescent felt “helpless” as they waited for three hours for their ambulance to be given permission to access the location.

She said: “We contacted the ministry of health and they coordinated our safe access with the Israeli authorities. We were given the green light to move the ambulance.”

But she said the ambulance came under fire soon after it arrived at the location. “First [the paramedics] said the Israeli forces are putting laser lights on them … And then we heard a gunfire sound before we lost the connection. It was like a gunfire or explosion, we were not sure of what happened.”

This is all for no reason.

It’s not like the Jews can show all these bodies of the dead kids and say “well, sure, we had to kill all these kids, but at least we accomplished our strategic goals.”

The goals were always impossible. There was never any way they were going to defeat Hamas. They haven’t done that and they are no closer to doing that than they were in October.

Eventually, they’re going to have to stop the killing, and the only thing that will have changed is that a lot of people are dead, and basically all the homes in Gaza destroyed.

Hamas will still be there and an entire generation of boys will be joining up to fight the Jews.