Paul Town is the Best Streamer Ever

Ye’s statement on Drink Champs that “Drake is the best rapper ever” has stuck with me as much as the stuff he said about Jews. It’s a hardcore thing to say that anyone is the “best ever” of anything. Drake is not the best rapper ever, and I am not sure why Ye said that. I suspect there was some purpose. Probably it has to do with “I really don’t hate all Jews – see, I’m saying this Jew rapper is the best.”

I don’t personally believe Drake writes his own raps. He has a Jew crew and they likely organize for people like The Weeknd and Future to write his raps, and even pass them through multiple rappers for review. You would think Ye would be aware of this, given that he himself has been accused of using ghostwriters (I don’t think he does – if he did the quality wouldn’t be all over the place like it is).

When I think of my own tastes, it’s hard to think of anyone I can say is the best ever at anything. I would say that I am the best internet political commentator ever, of course. But that is something that goes without saying and is widely agreed upon. No one says I’m not the best internet political commenter ever. There is really no one who even compares at all. Frankly, readers of this website are very spoiled. I have people come at me over very small things they disagree with and it’s like bro, look around – who even compares to me? Who is as incisive when it comes to Jews and women? There literally is no one. I am a one man league. That’s just simply a fact. I’m also the first of my kind. Anyone talking about Jews on the internet is doing so after me. You people have no idea what it was like in 2010. At that time, there were some pickup artist type people already moving into a manosphere mode, so I won’t say I invented misogyny, but I will absolutely say I invented modern anti-Semitism.

There is only one other person who I’m able to say is the best ever at something: Paul Town is the best streamer ever.

It’s difficult to even describe how good he is. For starters, he is an actual genius. That word gets thrown around a lot and I think people don’t really know what it means. It doesn’t just mean IQ. It can mean that, and all creative geniuses probably have a very high IQ, but genius has to be explicitly unique. If you have a certain level of intelligence, you can recognize genius almost immediately, as there is a kind of gold lining to it. Geniuses are able to see things from an angle that no one else is capable of seeing them from. Paul Town is one of the only people I can listen to and get a perspective that I feel is totally new to me.

Aside from that – and this is something different but linked to the genius ability to see things – Paul Town is the funniest person on the internet. It’s hard to even understand how he’s capable of running a bit for hours on end and still somehow keep it fresh. There is a freshness to the actual process of running a bit into the ground, because he’s able to deal with it in such a creative manner. Paul Town can deadpan all the way to the end, and I find myself in tears.

The third piece of the tri force is that he’s well read. I find new information from him every stream I listen to.

I’ve been accused of being insincere, and I think that’s necessary. However, I mean this from the bottom of my heart: Paul Town is a genius and he is the best streamer ever. It’s actually personally humiliating on some level to watch him. I will never be that funny, and I will never be able to put together the kind of observations he does in a package the way he does. I used to feel that way about Hunter S. Thompson’s writing, but I recently went back and read all the classics and I felt like I have surpassed him. Paul Town’s stream has the effect of making me want to do a better job with my work. I’ve been in a creativity slump for some months now, however, and sometimes I watch Paul Town and just feel bad.

The one potential negative I can say about his stream is that he streams a lot and some of it ends up being like filler. He does gaming and some of the content is lower effort than other content, and no one can really watch all of it. If I had the time, I would make a “Best of Paul Town” channel on BitChute to provide a place for people to get maybe ten hours a week of content from Paul Town. I am actually thinking of hiring someone to do this. (The full shows should also be uploaded uncut, because, where he streams, does not keep old streams up indefinitely.)

He regularly does 7-hour days, Destiny style.

Paul Town has also written three books. Embarrassingly, I have not read them.

As of right now, you can watch Paul Town on his channel on You can also subscribe to the podcast feed. Paul Town is probably the one cozy streamer I would say is worth watching on video, but that is hardly practical unless you can turn it on while you’re working some low-effort job from home. It works as a podcast. Watching it live is the most fun, however. He does a lot of chat interaction, and all of his chatters are smart because only smart people can understand Paul Town. Honestly, if you don’t like Paul Town, it means you’re stupid.

Very unfortunately, I don’t even have an example to post. I wanted to post his recent commentary on Gavin McInnes’ recent commentary on Ye’s recent commentary on the Jews, but it’s already gone from the cozy archives. This is a tragedy. It was the funniest thing you’ve ever seen. I was going to steal his takes and write it as an article. I might still do that. I already hated Gavin McInnes, I’ve hated that fat try-hard unfunny faggot for years, but this video he did about Ye, calling him a dumb nigger for questioning Jews, took it to a whole new level. At this point, I hate Gavin McInnes more than anyone on the earth. I hope he gets sued. Ye should sue him for defamation. That would be a hilarious headline. Being sued would be the funniest thing McInnes ever did. What an absolute worm. Imagine defending the Jews.

Everyone should listen to Paul Town, everyone should send him money. If you are smart, you will enjoy it very much.