PayPal Shuts Down Account of Company Making Sexy Anime Games, Keeps Money

Running with toast in mouth confirmed!

PayPal is a privately owned company.

So of course they can just steal your money without any consequences.

The Constitution only says that the government can’t rob you.

Niche Gamer:

The developers of LIP! Lewd Idol Project have been locked out of their Kickstarter funds by PayPal for being related to “sexual services.”

The adult yuri visual novel’s Kickstarter was 100% funded on October 25th, and would later swell to 369% of the initial funding goal with $35,116 USD, and three volumes. Stretch goals also added two extra chapters to volumes 1 and 2.

Volume 1 is currently available on and Steam, along with demos [1, 2]. The game focuses on aspiring idol Kairi, who recently moved to Akihabara to realize her dream. However, she has been rejected by 15 different idol studios so far.

Wow, that’s a lot of rejection.

I think that happened to Stephen King when he tried to publish… I forget which one.

Self-proclaimed lewd producer Ranko offers to help Kairi by having her join LIP! Lewd Idol Project. As both hope to reach their idol goals, they deal with adult life with an adult idol group. The game features branching paths controlling Kairi and Ranko, uncensored yuri CGs, alternative costumes, crane and gacha mini-games, partial Japanese voice acting, and a relationship meter between the girls.

On July 6th, developer Toffer Team revealed that PayPal had permanently locked their account, including the remaining Kickstarter funds for the game. In a tweet and Kickstarter update they explained that this was due to PayPal accusing their project of being related to “sexual services.”

On Twitter, Toffer showed their frustration with how mainstream platforms are against sexual anime content, and there being no way to now access that money.

“Honestly, I’m so tired of having almost all the mainstream platforms censoring, persecuting, and marginalizing creators just because we’re making artistic, adult, or anime-style content.

We have already seen that in countless examples in the past few years.

Being left out of the platform is not the problem, the problem is they have locked all our funds we were using to work and they won’t allow us to withdraw or use any of it. They have literally tied our hands and deprived [us] of whatever money we needed to fulfill our future releases.

The fund we had thanks to the love and support of our fans and followers, who used they [sic] hard earned money to support us and our dream project.”

Toffer also notes this came without any prior notice, and “without any chance of reply.” Toffer implored others to share their message “so no other lewd content creator is left unaware of the nefarious way this company operates. […] Today it was us, but tomorrow it could be any other.” Nonetheless, Toffer state they will not give up.

This happened to Andrew Anglin with PayPal two (2) times, and they held the money for six months, then released it. However, that was obviously political, and they gave no reason, just using KYC laws ostensibly designed to stop the Moslems.

If they specifically accuse you of being a hooker, as appears to have been the case here, it seems like they would just have to give you your slut money.

As far as the wider issue of shutting down “sexual services” – this is some kind of feminist operation against camgirls and pornography in general.

If they had banned porno at the beginning of the incel age, there would have been riots.

Not pussy riots but rather… dick riots? Cock uprisings? Prick insurrections?

We’ll figure that out later.

The more pressing matter to figure out is: if they are cutting the finances of the porno industry, it means they’re on their way to banning it. For reference, Stormer was banned from PayPal in 2014, banned from all credit card processing in 2016, and then famously banned from the entire American/Western internet in 2017.

Apparently, you won’t be allowed to masturbate to anime.

There is an underlying agenda to eliminate sex completely from people’s lives, and presumably, ultimately from their bodies.

Remember in Brave New World, the people reproduce using artificial wombs and are disgusted by the idea of sexual reproduction.

That book was written in 1932.

You should probably read it. If you’re not a reader, there is a bretty gud BBC radioplay version.

I just went and checked and it’s not on YouTube.

However, the BBC movie is.

However, that movie is terrible.

BBC is really insane with copyright because they make people pay for it via taxes in the UK. I don’t really understand how it works. But they have some kind of “recycle bin” that they put anything that anyone cares about, and just let the garbage leak out into the public domain, like someone taking a dump on your carpet.

If you watch that film, you will say “wow this is like someone took a dump on my carpet.”

Actually, if you don’t ever watch old BBC drama series, you’ll probably find it quaint. But if you’ve seen the good stuff and know how to judge it, it truly is a steamy dump on a shag carpet.