PFAS in Nearly Half of All US Tap Water

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Nearly half – 45% – of all US tap water contains at least one of a class of toxic endocrine-disrupting chemicals known as polyfluorinated alkyl substances (PFAS), according to a report from the US Geological Survey published Wednesday. 

Called “forever chemicals” because they take a very long time to break down, the substances are even more likely to be found in and near cities, with 75% of urban samples containing at least one PFAS. Just 25% of rural areas were likewise contaminated, according to the study, while contamination levels were similar between public and private water supplies. 

All measured levels of PFAS compounds were found to be above the health advisory levels set by the Environmental Protection Agency.

While USGS sampled tap water drawn from 716 different kitchen sinks for the presence of 32 different PFAS, the agency acknowledged that there were over 12,000 types and many cannot be detected with existing tests – meaning the problem is likely even worse than its report suggests.

Used to make nonstick pans, fire extinguisher foam, grease-resistant food wrappings, and other common household items, PFAS have dwindled in popularity as the public has become aware of their links to chronic and deadly conditions. This awareness of the harms caused by forever chemicals arrived decades after the chemicals’ producers had learned their products were both leaching into groundwater and bio-accumulating in humans.

PFAS are known to wreak medical havoc on human and animal bodies, with links to decreased fertility, developmental problems in children, cancer, high cholesterol, liver and kidney disease, and endocrine (hormone) disruption. Because they do not break down, they bio-accumulate, meaning each successive generation carries more of them in their tissues. The vast majority of Americans’ bloodstreams are contaminated by forever chemicals. 

It’s weird people are finally talking about this issue.

I’ve been talking about it for decades and was called schizophrenic.

It was obviously going to become obvious at some point that everyone was getting these strange conditions, and that it was likely that these chemicals shown to cause these conditions, which everyone is drinking, were probably connected to those conditions.

You should have listened to me, bro.