Rogan, Musk, And Others Mock MSNBC for Claiming Fitness is a Far-Right Interest

The left is fat and gross.

This is known.

They are very ugly.

New York Post:

MSNBC is going viral for warning about “the far right’s obsession with fitness” — with Elon Musk and Joe Rogan among those mocking the left-wing network’s comparison of the health craze to the Nazis.

MSNBC’s tweet Monday re-shared a year-old op-ed by extremism expert Cynthia Miller-Idriss claiming that the “far right has taken advantage of pandemic at-home fitness trends.”

Cynthia Miller-Idriss

In it, she even compared some fitness influencers to how Adolf Hitler “fixated on boxing and jujitsu” to garner followers.

MSNBC’s tweet soon got more than 34 million views — and a flurry of mockery.

“Being healthy is ‘far right.’ Holy f–k,” tweeted podcaster and UFC commentator Joe Rogan, a self-styled liberal and lifetime fitness fanatic.

Twitter boss Musk — who recently started training martial arts again to take on Facebook rival Mark Zuckerberg — replied to Rogan’s message by saying that “parody & reality are becoming indistinguishable.”

“MSNBC thinks you’re a [N]azi if you work out lmaooo,” tweeted Musk, who has previously described himself as a liberal only now labeled far-right because “woke progressives” are pushing the left to extremes.

It was not immediately clear why MSNBC decided to again share the op-ed that was first published in March 2022.

In it, Miller-Idriss said that “neo-Nazi and white supremacist” extremists were targeting fitness fanatics by luring them “with health tips and strategies for positive physical changes.”

Physical fitness has always been central to the far right,” wrote the MSNBC columnist, making the comparison with Hitler and “Mein Kampf.”

The direction this is pushing in is really intended to alienate anyone normal.

Of course, they already did that with the tranny thing.

But their goal now is very obviously to just continue to promote hatred of normalcy, and to get their supporters – the BLM/virus/Ukraine people – to become more and more aggressive.

They will say “anyone who is not a fat gay retard” is evil.

It’s very much true that anyone who is in shape is right-wing. I’ve yet to see a healthy leftist.