Pfizer CEO to Government: Buy Fourth Coronavirus Vaccine Dose or Everyone Dies

The Science itself.

Just one more round, kid.

One last shot.

You got this.

New York Post:

Most people will need to get a fourth COVID-19 vaccine dose to be protected from the virus, the head of Pfizer said on Sunday.

It is necessary for most” people, CEO Albert Bourla said during an interview on CBS’s “Face The Nation” when asked if Americans can expect to get annual COVID booster shots every fall.

The regimen of two initial doses plus a booster is not able to protect against variants and wanes too quickly in strength, Bourla conceded — making additional shots inevitable.


Ukraine avatar posting about coronavirus.

They could start reintegrating this virus stuff at any point.

They’re now talking about biolabs in the Ukraine, and Russia releasing bioweapons.

Maybe they’ll tell you Russia released a new variant from one of the labs they captured, which were only for research purposes.