Pfizer Made $37 Billion from Vax Sales in 2021, Forecasts Huge Profit Boost in 2022

Pfizer was a great investment.

The next big thing is going to be companies that use 5G to control people’s thoughts using the nanobots that were injected into them through the vaccines.

Big money.

The Guardian:

Pfizer made nearly $37bn (£27bn) in sales from its Covid-19 vaccine last year – making it one of the most lucrative products in history – and has forecast another bumper year in 2022, with a big boost coming from its Covid-19 pill Paxlovid.

The US drugmaker’s overall revenues in 2021 doubled to $81.3bn, and it expects to make record revenues of $98bn to $102bn this year.

Albert Bourla, the chairman and chief executive, said that at the start of the pandemic it had “committed to use all of the resources and expertise we had at our disposal to help protect populations globally against this deadly virus”.

“Now, less than two years since we made that commitment, we are proud to say that we have delivered both the first FDA-authorised vaccine against Covid-19 (with our partner, BioNTech) and the first FDA-authorised oral treatment for Covid-19,” he said.

“These successes have not only made a positive difference in the world, but I believe they have fundamentally changed Pfizer and its culture forever.”

However, the bumper sales prompted accusations of “pandemic profiteering” from campaigners. The campaign group Global Justice Now said the annual revenue of $81bn was more than the GDP of most countries and accused Pfizer of “ripping off public health systems”.

It’s just a coincidence they got so rich off this.

They were just trying to save humanity.

Just like that massive wealth transfer from the middle class to billionaires and banks was a coincidence.

Just like the destruction of all small businesses was a coincidence.

It’s all a big coincidence.

They were all just trying to help you, because they love you.