Pictures of a Young Superman Show What a Healthy Man Looks Like When He’s Not on Steroids

Most movie stars these days are on steroids. It’s an abysmal situation for young men, who look at these stars in the comic book films and think that’s what men are supposed to look like.

The reason it is truly abysmal is that women watch these films and then expect men to look like that. Men are now feeling as though they are forced to take these dangerous drugs in order to sexually compete for the attention of women.

Newly discovered photos show a young Superman – Christopher Reeve – training for his famous role at the age of 27 in 1976. These images show what a healthy and drug-free young man should aim for.

You could actually go a bit harder than that. You could also not go quite as hard. It’s just a good example of a natural man keeping himself healthy.

It doesn’t really matter. Women pretend to want you to be jacked, but it’s not really clear they even care about that. When I’ve been especially jacked, it was only men who ever complimented me. Women will have sex with physically repulsive men if they are rich and famous.

It’s unclear if they will have sex with broke nobodies if they happened to be jacked. I’ve not personally seen much evidence for that.

Basically, we used to work outside, doing all sorts of physical activities. We were healthy then. Now, we go to the gym, and the purpose of going to the gym should be to counterbalance the fact that we are no longer doing physical work. The goal should be to have a body similar to one we would have had if we were born hundreds of years ago and worked outside doing physical labor.

No one should be trying to look like these sickening drug-fueled movie stars. This is all a gigantic scam.

Here’s Josh Brolin when he was on a steroid cycle to play Cable in Deadpool 2:

Here he is when he’s off-cycle at the beach:

You can find similar “on” and “off” pictures of every movie star famous for being jacked.

They do cycles of the drugs. When they’re not filming an action role, they don’t take the drugs, because it’s too damaging to the health to be on these drugs all the time.

Hugh Jackman is an extreme case.



Meanwhile, the entire media – including sites like “,” which always pretends steroid users are natural – post stories about how “you can have the Hugh Jackman Wolverine body by eating lean chicken breast and doing burpees.”

The most important thing with health and fitness is to do it for yourself, not for women. You should never change yourself for the sake of women.

Do not take the drugs. Do not get the tattoos. Do not form your identity around pleasing women. This will not lead to internal contentment. It will lead to emptiness and a loss of your self-identity.

A woman cannot fulfill you. The only thing that can ever fulfill you is meaningful work.

This is in the Bible.