Poland Getting Ready to Ask Russia for WWII Reparations

Poland is the most annoying beggar.

Their entire economy is based on whining and demanding money from others.

This is while they are claiming to be a very important country on the verge of reestablishing an empire.

Germany is refusing to pay them any more money that they are already paying them through EU subsidies, so now Poland is going to go demand money from Russia, and see if they can get the support of the West.

Meanwhile, the Jews are presently claiming that Poles were responsible for the Holocaust.


Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki used the 84th anniversary of the Soviet Union’s WWII-era decision to invade Poland on Sept. 17, 1939, to announce that Poland is preparing a report on the losses incurred by Poland due to the Soviet Union’s invasion and occupation of Poland.

Morawiecki said that “Sept. 17 is a painful date for Poland and should be a painful one for Europe too.” He added that the Soviet occupation did not end when the war finished but continued for another 45 years.

According to Morawiecki, Poland lost 10 percent of its GDP to the Soviet Union in subsequent years. He said he feels that it is surprising that no Polish government until now has documented and analyzed all the losses incurred by Poland as a result of Soviet actions.

The Polish prime minister promised that a report on the losses will be ready soon, and Poland will not be put off the fact that “Russia is today a totalitarian, colonial, imperialist state” that shows contempt for international law.

Already last week, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Arkadiusz Mularczyk announced that Poland is in the process of documenting and preparing a comprehensive report on the losses it suffered as a result of Soviet actions during and after World War II.

“One of the key objectives is to create a well-documented report that is as credible as the one detailing Poland’s losses due to the German invasion,” said Mularczyk who, along with his team, also prepared a report last year on the losses incurred by Poland as a result of German occupation during World War II, which claimed €1.3 trillion in material and humanitarian losses due to Germany’s invasion and occupation.

The Poles have become a severe nuisance and a drain on the entire world.

They don’t really even have the redeeming qualities anymore. They used to at least be Christian and traditional, but in their pursuit of power, they’ve sold out to Anal Sam and are now a totally anal country.


Maybe they should ask the US for reparations for turning all their youth gay?