Texas City at a “Breaking Point,” Dealing with 2,000 New People Every Day

This is like that Megadeth song.

Orchestra of Doom? Is that what it’s called?

New York Post:

The dramatic increase in migrants crossing the U.S. border from Mexico has pushed the city of El Paso, Texas, to “a breaking point,” with more than 2,000 people per day seeking asylum, exceeding shelter capacity and straining resources, its mayor said on Saturday.

“The city of El Paso only has so many resources and we have come to … a breaking point right now,” Mayor Oscar Leeser said at a news conference.

Lesser said El Paso plans to open a new shelter, and on Saturday chartered five buses to take migrants to New York, Chicago and Denver.

As recently as six weeks ago, about 350 to 400 people were crossing into El Paso per day, but the past few days have brought 2,000 or more.

Over the past 10 days, the city has worked with the Border Patrol to provide shelter for 6,500 people, Leeser said.

About two-thirds of those crossing into El Paso currently are single men, he said.

About 32% are families and just 2% are unaccompanied children.

I think it’s really important to note that we have a broken immigration system,” he said. “It’s the same thing over and over again.”

You know what?

Find the money.

Sell your organs if you have to.

This is pure hatred.

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