Poland Sets Sights on Belarus, Scheming to Steal Their Land

Through all world happenings, we find that the strangest of all is whatever is happening with the Poles.

They are apparently trying to reestablish an empire that they had hundreds of years ago. They think they can trick the Americans into helping them establish this empire. Someone, they think they can keep the Americans from forcing gay and Islam on them.

It’s like making a deal with the devil with your fingers crossed behind your back, thinking you can trick the devil. (This plan has never worked for anyone, by the way.)

Meanwhile, they are very dependent on the Germans, and yet continue to insult the Germans, make accusations against them, and make outrageous demands.

The Guardian:

Vladimir Putin has said Russia will use “all means at its disposal” to defend Belarus after Poland and other EU countries voiced concerns about the deployment of Russian paramilitaries near their borders.

Putin delivered a series of aggressive remarks during a meeting of his security council, where he claimed without evidence that Poland was seeking to invade Belarus, a Russian ally, and that their elites were “dreaming of Belarusian lands”.

“Without evidence.”

You can Google the evidence, faggot.

This is well-established. Poland is obsessed with expanding their borders.

Russian mercenaries from the Wagner group have begun holding training sessions for Belarusian troops at the Bretsky training centre in western Belarus, about six miles (10km) from a border crossing with Poland.

Poles near the border say they have heard gunshots and helicopters, Reuters reported this week.

Wagner fighters began arriving in Belarus in large numbers last week after their leader, Yevgeny Prigozhin, struck a deal with the Kremlin to end a short-lived mutiny in which he sent his heavily armed fighters on a “march of justice” toward Moscow.

On Friday, Poland’s security committee said it would move troops toward the east in response to the Wagner group’s new presence in neighbouring Belarus. The independent Belarusian Hajun project estimated that about 2,500 Wagner mercenaries had arrived in the country, many from bases in Ukraine.

“Training or joint exercises of the Belarusian army and the Wagner group is undoubtedly a provocation,” Zbigniew Hoffmanna security official, told the Polish state news agency PAP, according to a Reuters translation.

According to the established rules, nothing anyone does inside of their own country can be a “provocation” against another country.

Poland, of all people, should understand this. They’ve been doing weird drills in their country for decades on end, clearly planning for war with Russia.

“The committee analysed possible threats, such as the dislocation of Wagner group units. Therefore, the minister of national defence, chairman of the committee, Mariusz Błaszczak, decided to move our military formations from the west to the east of Poland.”

Poland earlier this month said it would send up to 1,000 troops to defend the eastern borders of the country.

In Moscow, Putin launched an angry invective in response, claiming without evidence that Poland was seeking to annex territories in Belarus.

Again, the language here.

Putin is never angry. At least, he is never visibly angry.

The evidence is widely available.

All throughout the entire history of Poland they’re been expanding or plotting to expand. At the start of the Ukraine war, top Polish military officials were calling for the military to seize Kaliningrad, which they claim.

The Visegrad group was advertising this as a good idea.

They then “renamed” Kaliningrad with a Polish name to signal they are planning on grabbing it soon.

They claim parts of Czechia, Belarus, and primarily, they claim most of Western Ukraine.

They tried to send “peacekeepers” into Western Ukraine repeatedly.

Even Zelensky was like “woah, there – I don’t think so.”

Poland is an aggressive expansionist state. It always has been. No one can deny that. Ask any of their neighbors – including “allies” like Czechia and Ukraine.

“Unleashing aggression against Belarus would mean aggression against the Russian Federation,” Putin said, according to the Kremlin. “And we will respond to it using all means at our disposal.”

He similarly said without evidence that Poland would seek to annex territories in Ukraine.

“The western territories of present-day Poland are a gift from Stalin to the Poles, have our friends in Warsaw forgotten about this?” Putin said. “We will remind you.”

I think it’s time to remind them, Putin.

Poland is an irrelevant country, that is high on the EU supply. EU women (whores) are telling Poland they are the tip of the spear in the fight for the global anal agenda.

Meanwhile, Poland continues to claim they are not even into anal, they just want to expand their territory.

You figure it out.