Polish Journalist Dies Suddenly During Champions League Final

Football players are still dying suddenly.

I mean, soccer players.

Blacks didn’t take the vaccine.


A Polish journalist died during the 2023 EHF Champions League final between SC Magdeburg and Barlinek Industria Kielce on Sunday, the European Handball Federation (EHF) has said.

The journalist, Pawel Kotwica, fainted during the second half and the game was halted as he was medically treated by emergency services but sadly passed away, the EHF added.

Magdeburg coach Bennet Wiegert suggested to end the game with the score at 22-20 for the Poles, he told Bild, saying that “there are more important things in sport”.

Welp, I don’t understand that last sentence at all.

But, yeah, so:

Actually, this is “handball”? Did not know that was a sport. I guess they’re doing all the body parts now?

When they get around to inventing noseball, you-know-who will finally be able to win a match.

Also, yeah, it’s not the player who died, but the journalist who was watching it.

I suppose journalists probably also die from watching football or soccer or whatever you wish to call that boring sports game where they run back and forth across a grassy field. All these boring sports are just a deathfest these days.

Personally, I’m into real sports.