Polish MP Puts Out Menorah in Parliament with a Fire Extinguisher

Poland is supposedly a Christian country. Why is there a menorah in their parliament?

Every single MP should have been lining up with fire extinguishers.

Why are these satanists in our government institutions with their demon symbols?


A far-right lawmaker in Poland used a fire extinguisher to douse menorah candles during an official Hanukkah ceremony on Tuesday, calling the Jewish holiday a form of “satanic worship.” The stunt was later referred to prosecutors by Warsaw’s parliament speaker.

Hosted in the Polish parliament building on Tuesday, the annual Hanukkah celebration was disrupted by Grzegorz Braun of the Confederation party, who was filmed as he hosed down a large menorah with a fire extinguisher taken from a nearby wall.

The incident was captured in videos making the rounds online, with Braun seen unleashing a cloud of white powder into the event hall as he made his way toward the candles – which represent the eight days of the Hanukkah holiday.

I had remembered Grzegorz for his anti-Ukraine and “pro-Russia” positions. I put “pro-Russia” in scare quotes, because he is actually pro-Poland and believes that an alliance with Russia, a fellow Christian nation, would be good for Poland, which is currently aligned with the anal empire. He is not actually a Russophile, from what I’m able to tell.

I am a Russophile, as well as a Sinophile, just for the record. I’m stateless, so it’s logical enough.

My country is full-anal, and I am against the entire system in my country. Of course, I support the people, and want to defend the people, but I have no illusions that it would be much better if global power was transferred from the US to Russia and China.

Polish “Russophiles” have a less extreme position, and simply feel that the alliance with the West is undermining Polish values, and an alliance with Russia would not do that.

Of course, most of the “right” in Poland is still obsessed with the USSR, when “Russians” (mostly Jews, quite frankly) abused them. But even if it was Russians that did it, the situation is different now, and there is zero reason for Poland to support the West, let alone to support the Ukraine, which has stolen their land and tried to genocide them.

The current Ukraine government honors Stefan Bandera as their spiritual father. Russia – incorrectly, in my view – keeps claiming he was a “Nazi.” The reality is that he was obsessed with murdering Polish people, and was pro-Jewish. The Germans put him in a concentration camp because he was murdering Polish peasants. If there’s anyone Poles should hold a historical grudge against, it is the Ukraine.

So even if you believe stuff that happened almost 100 years ago is really important to modern politics, the mainstream Polish anti-Russian and pro-Ukraine position makes no sense.

So, I was aware of this guy, Grzegorz, but I didn’t know he was mega-based. So I looked him up and like everyone does when they look someone up, read through his Wiki entry.

The Jews had vandalized it:


Such joking.

Much laugh.

Can you imagine a people so spiteful and petty as the Jews?

My Poles

I want to apologize to my Poles if I’ve offended them.

I’ve never meant to insult all Polish people.

My new BFF on the internet is a Pole AI art expert.

Understand: when I say “Poland” or “the Poles,” it’s no different than when I say “America” or “the Americans.” I obviously don’t mean every person or even necessarily the majority of people (in Poland and America, I probably do mean the majority of the people, but that is not necessarily the case, because we’re talking about the people with the power who make the decisions).

The fact that Grzegorz Braun, a traditionalist Catholic, antisemite, Russia-defender, anti-war advocate, general truth-teller and heroic figure, is in the Poland parliament shows that there are a lot of good folks in Poland.

So don’t take it personally.

Further: I love all my readers. Even the blacks. You’re all my brothers in Christ.