Pope Francis Says Sexual Pleasure is a Gift from God, Pretends “Falling in Love” is Not About Reproduction

The Pope might support gay anal rimming as well as fisting and even double-fisting.

But he doesn’t think you should film it.

Because it’s love, and love is sacred.

New York Post:

Pope Francis said “sexual pleasure is a gift from God,” but warns Catholics not to engage in pornography.

The 87-year-old religious leader told crowds outside the Vatican Wednesday sex was something to be cherished, but it is ultimately being “undermined by pornography.”

We must defend love,” he said, according to The Guardian. “Winning against the battle of lust can be a lifelong undertaking.”

The Argentinia-born religious leader said “satisfaction without a relationship can generate forms of addiction” and that lust leads to a “dangerous vice.”

Continuing his screed, the pure-of-mind-and-body pontiff added: “Lust plunders, it robs, it consumes in haste, it does not want to listen to the other but only to its own need and pleasure; lust judges every courtship a bore, it does not seek that synthesis between reason, drive and feeling that would help us to conduct existence wisely,” the pope said, according to the Telegraph.

He also said lust often leads to one partner trying to “possess” the other and can be objectifying, the British outlet reported.

In this same screed, the Pope claims that it’s a mystery why people experience sexual attraction.

You can read the full text here

That’s like, the dumbest shit I’ve ever seen in my life.

Imagine seeing a bitch in heat getting mounted by a dog and saying “it’s a mystery why they do that.”

It’s not a mystery, Pope. There is no mystery here. The Trinity is a mystery, Salvation is a mystery, the nature of sin is a mystery. Sex is the least mysterious thing in the world: it’s about having babies.

Of course, the Pope is surrounded by people who openly write that gay sodomy is a form of “love,” so I guess it is mysterious to them.

Frankly, it’s not mysterious to me why gays do these things with each other’s anuses: they were abused as children by men, and their sexual mechanism in their brains broke. As adults they spend their entire lives seeking the “mystery” of sexual pleasure, while never engaging in the reproductive act.