Pornhub Ambassador Says She’d Have Sex with 13-Year-Old Boy Regardless of What the Law Allows

Looks like the nips are delivering traditional values, yet again.

The Sun:

A sick interview has emerged of a Pornhub host claiming that sex with a 13-year-old boy wouldn’t be considered rape as he’d be lucky to sleep with her.

Adult actress Asa Akira made the comments during an interview on a podcast in 2012 hosted by the controversial artist David Choe.

In the shocking excerpt from the interview, Akira and Choe are explaining the moment they invite a young boy to join them in a jacuzzi while at a beach house.

“So we have this great house with this great Jacuzzi where we’re sitting from and we get a great view of these giant waves,” Choe says.

“He’s 13-years-old. He’s psyched because he gets free Pepsi’s. His parents aren’t here.”

Then Akira, a Pornhub ambassador, sickeningly states that she would have raped the boy.


Female on male rape.

“This 13-year-old I think I would,” she said.

“He wasn’t necessarily an old-looking 13-year-old. You look at him and he’s definitely a child.”

The group then move on to discuss whether the act would be considered statutory rape.

“That shouldn’t be considered statutory rape and like it’s consensual,” Choe says.

“Is there anyone that has a problem with that? There’s not one person that would think that’s abuse and would just think how lucky that kid is.”

That horrifying part of the interview ends with Akira exclaiming: “No, that definitely, no one would consider that rape, except maybe his mom.

Well, “f**k the law,” she blasted.

Recently critics have said that Pornhub, the site that Akira is an ambassador for, has been profiting from sex trafficking and child pornography.

Laila Mickelwait, a campaigner against sexual abuse, said: “Asa Akira, the longtime official Brand Ambassador for Pornhub represents the brand of Pornhub perfectly in this video as she makes it apparent that she has a disdain and disregard for laws that protect children from rape, in her willingness to abuse a 13-year-old child, and her belief that she would never get caught.”

She added: “Now both Pornhub and Asa have been caught and should pay the price.”

Asa Akira should pay the price of what? Of having an opinion?

If we’re not telling teens to get married, what we’re telling them, by omission, is that they should fornicate, indulge in pornography and masturbate.

Maybe we should reinvestigate what it is we are teaching our kids before hopping up on some hopped-up nip who said something that doesn’t matter.

Maybe while we’re at it, we should examine why it is that right-wingers are against pornography.

Hint: it’s not because of some leftist “child trafficking” conspiracy theory.

Hosting a website where people can upload anything does not become “child trafficking” because a 17-year-old uploaded a sex video.

This is some kind of weird, dumb thing going on here.

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There are real problems with porn, and it is actually probably the single biggest underlying problem leading to inaction on the part of men to what is happening in our society. Porn is a weapon of mass destruction. Going off on weird tangents doesn’t help anything.

Pornhub just banned non-professional porn from the site in response to claims of “child porn,” and you’re still where you were before.

You have to actually address issues if you want to address issues. You can’t simply go along with things that seem vaguely related to something you believe in.