Post-Bakhmut Fiasco: Hohol Commanding Officer Shot by Subordinate for Ordering Unit to Go Die

The fallout from the lunatic bloodbath in Bakhmut has begun.

It’s totally unclear why tens of thousands of “Ukrainians” were sent to die in a city that could not possibly be held. At least six and probably eight months before the Russians raised their flags on the last mid-rise tower in Bakhmut, it was obvious that the city was going to fall and everyone who went there was going to die for no reason.

There are various theories as to why the Zelensky government chose to keep shoving bodies into this meat-grinder, against the advice of his own military leadership and, as we know from the big leaks, against the advice of many American advisors.

It’s possible:

  • He was buying time for the training of the supposed “new army” that he is beginning to deploy. These are troops trained by NATO in various foreign countries.
  • He was sending mostly ethnic Russians who he had force-conscripted (press-ganged), because he is purposefully trying to clear out the fighting-age male ethnic Russian population and this was an easy way to liquidate them.

There are other theories as well. Those two, however, both seem logical.

What does not seem logical is that it was about morale, which has been Zelensky’s claim. That is the opposite of the truth. Everyone knew the Russians would eventually win, like they did in Mariupol, and that this would be the biggest conceivable blow to Ukrainian morale.

The fallout from the morale-breaking defeat has already begun in earnest. A video recently posted to Telegram shows a Ukrainian commander with his brains popped out. The man filming his body is saying that the guy who shot him was a hero who saved the whole unit from certain death.


There is a person with long hair hovering over him with bandages while his brains are leaking out. It’s a rough-looking female-presenting creature, and I at first wondered if it was a tranny. Then I realized that only a real woman would be stupid enough to think she’s going to wrap a man’s brains back inside his head.

The question of why this wasn’t already happening constantly has been on my mind for at least a year. Ever since Zelensky started with the force-conscription, you would certainly think that you’d have serious hostility between the conscripts and the commanding officers, and that conscripts would rather shoot the CO and run towards the Russians with a white flag than just march off to die for no reason.

Or worse – get injured and then have your organs harvested with no anesthetic by the Zelensky regime, something which has been repeatedly confirmed by POWs.

A recent video confirms the same story we’ve been hearing for months about how injured Ukrainian soldiers are stripped of their organs and then dumped.

Jews are always on this organ harvesting thing. It’s their favorite way to make a bit of extra money in a conflict zone. Of course the Jews who run the Ukraine – the most corrupt country in the world – are going to be doing this.

Laying on a bed with your legs blown off while some Dutch Jew cuts out your organs is for sure worse than getting shot in the head or blown apart by an RPG. I can tell you that.

Wagner does have a “no prisoners” policy in effect after the Ukies started releasing videos of themselves killing POWs. However, from what I’ve seen, this definitely does not apply to a Ukie running toward the Russian line waving his undershirt as a white flag.

The Zelensky Junta has somehow kept this from happening on a mass scale thus far, but it’s fair to say that now that everyone realizes that Zelensky refusing to pull troops from Bakhmut was effectively a mass murder of more than 50,000 of his own troops, you’re going to see a lot more COs getting their tops popped off and a lot more forced conscripts – greenbands – running for the Russian line with white flags.

Of course, I know exactly how the Ukrainians will respond to that, because I know how Jews think – they will start sending infiltration units with white flags, in order to try to force the Russians to kill defectors.

The Ukrainians have committed every single other war crime so far, so you can bet they will figure out a way to exploit the white flag.

But then, the Ukrainians, if they’re smart, will start stripping down to their underwear – or just straight up go buck naked in nothing but their boots – when they wave the white flag.