Prigozhin Confirmed Dead in Plane “Crash”

This had already basically been confirmed by the fact that it wasn’t debunked.

But now it’s official.


Russia’s Investigative Committee has confirmed the death of Evgeny Prigozhin, the chief of private military company Wagner Group, in a plane crash earlier this week.

In a statement on Sunday, Svetlana Petrenko, the committee’s chief spokesperson, said that Russian investigators had completed DNA testing of the bodies of those who were on board the Embraer 135BJ Legacy 600 plane. The jet went down in Tver Region on Wednesday as it was flying from Moscow to St. Petersburg.

“The identities of all 10 of the deceased have been established, [and] they correspond to the flight list,” Petrenko said.

I’ve been meaning to write a big thing about this. I should have done it instead of that long thing I just wrote about that whiny faggot folk singer with the tits. I don’t know why I just spent that many words on that. It’s not even a good essay. I don’t even remember what my point was.

I know all my points about Prigozhin dying.

I don’t feel like writing a long thing again now. It’s Sunday and I want to relax, have some afternoon drinks, and order some tacos.

Maybe I’ll write a long thing about this later this week. I probably will.

But I’ll bulletpoint the points of the matter now:

  • Putin lost significant face by not killing Prigozhin when he did that weird coup thing (the obvious thing was to send a Spetsnaz or Chechen death squad into Rostov and put a bullet in his brain)
  • Prigozhin was literally given an extra life by Putin
  • The reason Putin did this, we have had totally confirmed, related to Prigozhin’s role in Africa
  • It makes ZERO sense that Putin would let Prigozhin live and then kill him in the dumbest possible way
  • If – FOR SOME UNKNOWN REASON – Putin let Prigozhin live after the coup and then later decided “nah, I should have killed him,” he easily could have done that in Africa, where Prigozhin has been going in and out, in a way cleaner way
  • You can point to situations where maybe Putin has killed people (who knows?) – but you can’t point to any situation where Putin is alleged to have killed random, innocent Russians (no one even alleges this)
  • If Putin was going to kill Prigozhin, there is no way he would also kill random Russians – even if he is some kind of psycho, it would obviously look bad (no one would care if he killed Prigozhin)
  • MEANWHILE – the US is heavily involved in this Africa situation, which Prigozhin was more or less running the enemy side of
  • The US regularly does extrajudicial killings – they’ve done this for decades, in public, and often just admitted it – and doesn’t care about collateral damage
  • France is also involved deeply in Africa
  • The Ukraine has been doing all kinds of assassinations
  • Part of what happened to Prigozhin after the “coup” was that he had official FSB security removed from him, which left him open
  • The US always blames Russia for everything that happens anywhere – they blamed them for black crime, repeatedly

I had some other points that I would only remember if I was writing an essay – this writing is mostly personal for me, quite frankly. It’s about working through my thoughts; I just publish it as a side matter. But these are the core points.

Anyone who says that Putin killed Prigozhin is either lying on purpose or is a very stupid person who is incapable of formulating thoughts.

Remember: “Nikki Haley” (real name: “Nimrata Randhawa”) said at the debate, before anything had even been confirmed at all, “Putin just killed Prigozhin!” She used this in a Zionist argument about how the US should have total war for anal sex with Russia and China in the name of goodness.

Because it is evil fascism to ban anal flags.

In this country, we believe in what Tucker Carlson says: “Shoving your fist up another man’s ass is true love.” And if you don’t agree, we’ll kill you.