Experts Says US is Overdoing the Sanctions, Could Cause Calamity

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Sanctions have become an “increasingly prominent tool of US statecraft,” experts from the think tank International Crisis Group (ICG) have observed, warning that Washington’s overreliance on this method has prompted concern over its collateral effects, particularly in regard to efforts at peacemaking.

In an article published on ICG’s website earlier this week, the organization stated that despite US efforts to mitigate the problems caused by sanctions by adopting new policies, such reforms have been incomplete. As the Biden administration shows no signs of “taking its foot off the gas” when it comes to applying sanctions, their downsides are becoming far-reaching and ever more pressing, according to the Brussels-based nonprofit.

“They can inhibit peace processes and post-conflict recovery, constrain peace organizations, undercut negotiations and entrench divisions between conflict parties,” the ICG experts said.

The report goes on to outline three main reasons why US-led sanctions pose an obstacle to peace. The first is that they are hard to change, to ease or to lift, because of domestic politics and bureaucratic inertia. The second is that Washington has no means of comprehensively assessing the harm or effectiveness of applied sanctions and cannot gauge whether they are having the intended effect. Lastly, ICG’s analysts note that US sanctions have become increasingly complex and intertwined, which has made them difficult to disentangle or to reform.

The use of such trade restrictions has also become “less likely to sway conflict parties, who have no faith that the penalties will be lifted –or the effects alleviated– if they make concessions,” its report noted.

It speaks to the bigger issue that no one trusts the US to behave like a normal country.

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