Princeton Says They Will Ban Any Students Who Engage in Gaza Solidarity Protests

Bibi has already issued a warning against US universities that allow protests. The Congress has issued warnings.

These schools are going to do everything in their power to shut this down.

Basically, the plan right now is to expel everyone who participates, and then ban them from campus. They will lock down the campus and the only people allowed on their property will be Jews and Jew-lovers.

Will that plan work?

I have no idea. But that is the plan.

New York Post:

The next Ivy League anti-Israel encampment is in the works.

Princeton University students are gearing up for their own tent city as school leaders warned Wednesday that any protesters camping out would be “arrested and immediately barred from campus,” documents show.

A group at the elite New Jersey school plans on setting up a “Princeton Gaza Solidarity Encampment” involving at least 20 protesters in a bid for the university to divest from Israel, according to a trove of docs obtained by The Post.

Protesters would have pro bono legal support and a “trained security team.” Faculty members who support their cause would also be willing to negotiate with the administration.

The school, in an email to students that was also shared with The Post, vowed to “act promptly” if a tent city is erected. Protesters could be arrested, as well as face suspension of even expulsion, Princeton warned.

This is not going away.

It’s springtime now, and people are going to be protesting until someone stops them or something changes.

The government and these schools are going to do everything they can to stop the protests.

If they arrest and expel all the students participating, these students will presumably change venue, and move to another public place to protest. I can’t see any scenario in which they give up. People are very devoted to this cause of stopping the Jews from murdering all of these children in Gaza.

I think they are going to keep fighting.