After Antifa Joins Protest, Hundreds of Cops Show Up to Brutalize and Expel Stundents

Oh, so Antifa shows up, there are no cops in sight while they seize a building, and then all of the sudden hardcore riot pigs are sent in to brutalize everyone?

Who could have predicted something like this??

New York Post:

NYPD cops stormed onto Columbia University’s campus on Tuesday night to oust a pro-terror mob that illegally took over an academic building – and to clear out an anti-Israel encampment after the school finally gave them the green light.

Hundreds of officers swooped inside the gates of the Morningside Heights school shortly after 9 p.m. and set their sights on historic Hamilton Hall, the building that was taken over by rogue rioters in a drastic escalation of the protests that have plagued the campus for weeks.

But when dozens of Emergency Service Unit officers got to the building, they were blocked from entering the front doors which had been barricaded by the unruly mob.

Several protesters appeared unbothered as they stood in the doorway with only a glass pane between them and the officers — as their comrades on the streets shouted “Pigs!”

The NYPD then brought in its Mobile Adjustable Ramp System vehicle and scores of riot-gear clad cops carrying zip-tie handcuffs entered Hamilton Hall through the second-floor window in a dramatic scene.

According to officials, cops used four distraction devices — described by Assistant Commissioner Carlos Nieves as a “very loud bang to distract people” — to infiltrate the academic building.

Within about an hour, the academic building was cleared out and dozens of the occupiers were arrested, according to police sources.

The protesters — many of whom covered their faces with surgical masks or keffiyehs — were walked out of Hamilton Hall and loaded onto three NYPD buses.

In total, about 100 protesters were arrested in the mass sweep, according to sources.

I was looking through Twitter yesterday to see what leftists were saying about the takeover of the building by men in black masks. I didn’t see a lot of comments on it at all. A few were celebrating it. I didn’t see any of them denouncing these outside agitators coming in to purposefully escalate the situation and justify police action.

Further, a lot of the school kids went along with Antifa when they stormed the building.

What the hell were they thinking?

Did they not know that the cops were going to come as a response to this? How could they not know that? Will they now denounce Antifa as a FBI group? Or do they love Antifa because of their role in the George Floyd riots?

I support these protests. But I actually want them to succeed. Leftists are going to have to learn about agitation from outside groups used to justify police action. Right-wingers learned about this a long time ago. The leftists didn’t need to be concerned with it before, because the government supported everything they did. But the government does not support these anti-Israel protests.

You need to wise up, dipshits.