Prominent Rabbi Calls Harvard Evil After Rage-Quitting Antisemitism Committee

Fuck it.

I’m enrolling at Harvard.

I agree with their values.

New York Post:

A prominent rabbi and visiting scholar at Harvard University quit the school’s antisemitism committee Thursday, writing on X that the college is helping to cast Jews are “oppressors.”

“The system at Harvard along with the ideology that grips far too many of the students and faculty, the ideology that works only along axes of oppression and places Jews as oppressors and therefore intrinsically evil, is itself evil,” David Wolpe wrote.

The exit came just days after Harvard President Claudine Gay’s controversial congressional testimony on the school’s handling of the Israel-Hamas conflict.

The visiting scholar at Harvard Divinity School praised Gay as a “kind and thoughtful” person, but said her congressional comments were “painfully inadequate” in addressing spiraling antisemitism on the Cambridge campus and elsewhere.

Ignoring Jewish suffering is evil,” he wrote. “Belittling or denying the Jewish experience, including unspeakable atrocities, is a vast and continuing catastrophe.

Wolpe, who also holds a rabbinical position with the Anti-Defamation League, cautioned that anti-Israel sentiment at Harvard and other campuses is expanding and quickly becoming entrenched.

“It is not going to be changed by hiring or firing a single person, or posting on X, or yelling at people who don’t post as you wish when you wish, as though posting is the summation of one’s moral character,” Wolpe wrote. “This is the task of educating a generation, and also a vast unlearning.”

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