Protests in Poland…?

The Polish nationalist government is the driving force behind the war on Russia.

It’s weird the US would be doing “democracy” bullshit there, no?


Hundreds of thousands of people marched in an anti-government protest in Poland’s capital on Sunday, with citizens traveling from across the country to voice their anger at officials who they say have eroded democratic norms and created fears that the nation is following Hungary and Turkey down the path to autocracy.

Warsaw Mayor Rafal Trzaskowski, who belongs to the opposition party that led the march, estimated that 500,000 people took part. The Onet news portal estimated there there were at least 300,000 at the march’s culmination.

Large crowds also gathered in Krakow and other cities across the nation of 38 million people, showing frustration with a government that critics accuse of violating the constitution and eroding fundamental rights in Poland, a country long hailed as model of peaceful and democratic change.

Former President Lech Walesa, the leader of the Solidarity movement that played a historic role in toppling communism in Poland, marched alongside the leader of the opposition Civic Platform party, former Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk.

The Warsaw crowd cheered the two men, both of whom are reviled by the ruling Law and Justice party led by Jaroslaw Kaczynski, and at times chanted “Democracy!” and “Constitution!”

The crowd marched from the office of Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki and past the seat of President Andrzej Duda, ending at the historic Royal Castle, where Tusk hailed the huge turnout and pledged to fight to win an autumn election and undo the what he described as profound harm and division inflicted on the nation.

“We are going to these elections to win and to right human wrongs. I promise you victory, a settlement of evil, compensation for human wrongs and reconciliation among Poles,” Tusk told the crowd.

The government spokesman, Piotr Mueller, accused Tusk and Walesa of “trying to overthrow the government.”

Yeah, I mean – that’s the American playbook. That said, I haven’t seen the US complaining about “fascism” in Poland since the war started – just like they stopped complaining about neo-Nazis in the Ukraine when the war started. Doing a color revolution in Poland right now would be nuts, but who the hell even knows what these Jews are thinking.

Despite the fact that the Poles have been on their side against their blood enemies for centuries – both the Russians and the Germans – Jews still resent how white Poland is. They recently started blaming Poland for the Holocaust, which they didn’t do for the first 70 years of that particular hoax.

Tusk is of course also pro-war, but it’s unlikely you would get the same fervor from a leftist government that you are getting from the current Polish regime.

Frankly, I haven’t seen much about this current protest wave on my radar, but the reader should be aware, as this is a pretty major event if there were really half a million people.

What I suspect is that a lot of them are actually protesting against the war, and especially against the Ukraine refugees, who are just completely destroying Poland.

This is a whole big long story, but the right-wing in Poland is now largely opposing the war because of these refugees, and talking about the “Ukrainization” of Poland.

I tried to warn Poles that their alliance with the Anal States of Jewmerica was a deal with the devil and would bear the same fruits as such deals always bear.