Provocateuring Proxies

Renegade Tribune
August 21, 2013


Being a straight, White, Canadian man in our current day and age, I find it very difficult to read, watch, or listen to the so-called news without the taste of bile rising up in the back of my throat. An article on our jew-run CBC news site recently caught my attention, and that old familiar taste began its’ ascent. A bar owner in the province of British Columbia was ordered to pay $30,000 ($10,000 each) to three ‘indo-Canadians’ for denying them access to his establishment.

This incident in and of itself is not the subject of this piece. Canada’s jewdicial system has been trampling the rights of White citizens since as far back as this writer can remember, and there is no end in sight. What I really wish to address here is one of the tactics employed by the jews’ proxy groups, and sometimes by jews themselves. Provocateuring.

The CBC’s article brought to mind another story relayed to me by a homosexual friend with whom I associated before I became aware. I would like to share that story with you here and now, as I feel that it is of great importance. Important not just with regards to the militant homosexuality being shoved down our collective throat, but important as it illustrates one of the enemies’ many methods of warring against various aspects of healthy, traditionalist cultures.

‘Queerbombing’ is what he called it as he sat across from me smoking his cigarette. He shared many things in common with other homosexuals I associated with at the time. He had numerous, nonsensical, often-botched tattoos. A face riddled with open sores and piercings. A generally un-kept appearance. A palpable, confusing sense of self-loathing, and arrogant righteousness somehow displaying themselves in unison. Initially, the term ‘queerbombing’ conjured up an image of a guy in a sequence thong, being dropped out of the belly of a B-52. Unfortunately, the actual definition was far less humorous. Queerbombing apparently entailed my hometown’s most prominent gay bar organizing literal invasions of other local establishments. At a predetermined place (usually a sports bar or family restaurant), at a predetermined time (usually dinnertime); the gay bar’s ‘community’ would descend on the unsuspecting establishment’s staff and patrons. 50+ people with no reservations, no courtesy call beforehand, and an axe to grind. They did this not to spend money and support a local business. Not to blend in with the straight community and not to build bridges between divergent peoples. Quite the opposite. In fact, my friend told me in no uncertain terms, that the whole point of queerbombing was to make straight people and their families as uncomfortable as possible. They would grope one another in the dining rooms, make passes at men and women who were clearly there with their straight partners, expose themselves, and the list goes on to include some things so disgusting I will not repeat them.

What is the point in all of this you may be asking? What could the homosexual community have to gain from the intentional exhibition of such behaviour? Well, aside from the apparent joy they get from making straight people uncomfortable, there is also the matter that goes back to the beginning of this piece. Judges are now awarding minorities ridiculous sums of money in cases where the minority party feels discriminated against. So if shoving their disgusting, immoral behavior down peoples’ throats is not reason enough for them to queerbomb, there is always the chance that their provocateuring will be successful; in which case their detractor(s) will no doubt end up being forced to pay the homosexual(s) a hefty sum.

This writer would not be the least bit surprised if some minorities out there try to make their living provocateuring. An Ottawa-based, jewish lawyer by the name of Richard Warman, has made a living pursuing cases like this. He has effectively turned the trampling of Canadians’ rights to free speech into a career. I don’t want to waste too much time on this slimy character, as he is not the subject of this commentary, but I encourage you all to visit his site to see what this parasitic, freedom-stifling worm is all about ( Who can blame Warman and the other minorities for what they are doing? Our justice system rolls out the red carpet for this type of case, and generously rewards the reporting of every white person who would dare speak up about the jewish agenda, or attempt to segregate themselves from any minority group.

Am I suggesting that the ‘indo-Canadians’ I mentioned were doing something akin to ‘race bombing’? No. In all likelihood, they were denied entry because they were simply too intoxicated. This is something that happens to countless white/straight people every weekend across the country without any cries of discrimination, or calls to Mr. Warman’s office. But to these minorities, crying wolf must seem like an easy way to get a handout, while at the same time getting even with us evil, pale-skinned devils. Heck, they might even get their picture in the paper.

The next time you and your family are sitting next to a table of loud, obnoxious, ghetto blacks; or a swarm of gays sticking their tongues down one another’s throats, keep this piece in mind. Understand that we as White/racial Nationalists; we as moral, natural people, need to know that these proxy groups are usually behaving badly in our presence because they WANT a reaction. They want the white man to get them paid. While I know all too well the temptation to go into full on beast-mode and start turning over tables and putting out lights, it is a different kind of game these days. Like it or not, we must take a page from the enemy’s book and seek to employ more organized, clandestine tactics if we ever want to see success in this movement.