PSA: If You’re Driving and You See That the Road Stops, You Should Hit the Brakes

This photo is from Nova Scotia, Canada:

There was flooding that destroyed the road.

But there is no way that this car just happened to be driving across the road when it collapsed.

This asshole (probably a woman) drove straight into the hole.

You should always watch where you are going – particularly when there is heavy flooding – and if there is a gigantic piece of the road missing, you should hit the brakes rather than drive into the gulch.

This is really just common sense, but as this is an ongoing issue, I feel a need to give a public service announcement about it.

Please also note that a car WILL NOT transform into a boat simply because you drive it into deep water.

That is, unless you have a boat-car (also known as a car-boat), which is something I’ve been recommending people buy for years.

It’s possible (or even likely) that they’ll be hating, but you will, nonetheless, be rolling.