“Psychopathy Far More Common Among Women Than Previously Thought”

I don’t understand the concept of a “woman psychopath.”

All basic female behavioral traits line up with the definitions of psychopathy. They don’t feel guilt or remorse of any kind, and they only act in self-interest, and will lie and manipulate to get what they want.

That’s all women.

The Guardian:

When it comes to a typical psychopath, the suited and booted Patrick Bateman from the novel American Psycho might spring to mind, but, according to one expert, the number of women with the neuropsychiatric disorder could be far greater than previously thought.

Psychopaths are generally considered to lack empathy and guilt, exhibit antisocial behaviour, lie frequently and be ruthless, narcissistic and manipulative.

“Psychopaths are after money, power and control,” said Dr Clive Boddy, from Anglia Ruskin University, who is an expert on psychopaths in the corporate world.

While the idea of psychopaths as violent, antisocial criminals has given way to a more nuanced view – with Boddy among those to argue they are often found in big business – the idea that they are mostly male has remained.

The behaviour of female psychopaths seems to be subtle enough and less obvious than male psychopaths and therefore they’re not recognised as much,” Boddy said.

A small but mounting body of evidence describes female psychopaths as prone to expressing violence verbally rather than physically, with the violence being of a relational and emotional nature, more subtle and less obvious than that expressed by male psychopaths,” he noted, adding that may include spreading rumours and lies for personal advantage.

Boddy said one problem was that part of the assessment used to identify psychopaths – known as the Levenson self-report psychopathy scale (LSRP) – was skewed towards identifying the disorder in men.

Some estimates have suggested there could be a 10:1 ratio of male to female psychopaths, but Boddy’s work, using only the first part of the LSRP, suggested the figures were very different.

It’s almost one to one,” Boddy said, although he noted large-scale studies of randomly chosen adults would be needed to get a more definitive picture.

It’s not just white liberal women, by the way.

Ask white conservative slut Boebert, who was jacking off her new boyfriend in the theater after abandoning her husband.

Ask the South Korean whores.

Women are just women.

White women are the worst, except for obviously blacks, but women are all just natural “psychopaths,” if you have a yearning to use that term.

I don’t think it’s a useful term.

I also don’t want to hear about the “dark triad.”

Mostly, I just want to talk about Jews, and how they can be completely exterminated, possibly with a bioweapon.