NY’s Cannabis Industry Booming with More Than 100 Licensed Pot Shops Open

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So, the government wants all young people to be high on drugs.

I wonder why?

New York Post:

New York’s legal cannabis industry hit a new high this week — with more than 100 licensed pot shops now open across the Empire State, officials said Thursday.

Of the 103 marijuana sellers in business, 44 are located in New York City.

Nineteen other licensed weed operators will open shortly and 35 other retail licenses were approved by the state Cannabis Control Board Thursday.

We haven’t even tipped the iceberg yet,” CCB chairwoman Tremaine Wright said during Thursday’s public meeting.

Legal marijuana sales from cannabis shops jumped 32% for the first three months of 2024, to $85 million from $62 million during the last quarter of 2023, reported John Kagan, the state Office of Cannabis Management’s policy director.

The number of cannabis stores opening has dramatically picked up in the past few months. But state regulators admitted that the large illicit weed market is still a big problem and hoped Gov. Kathy Hochul and Albany approve a tougher law as part of next year’s budget to make it easier to shut down unlicensed shops.

You know, there was this thing the British did to the Chinese called “the Opium Wars.”

They were trying to destroy the Chinese people, so they gave them drugs.

It’s probably worth considering that when you consider the question of why the US government is now obsessed with getting everyone on drugs.

Are they at war with us?