Putin to Visit Best Korea Seeking to Expand Military and Economic Alliance

Guess what, Fedniggers?

We all know who the good guys are. We know who the bad guys are. Everyone who isn’t a drooling Fatmerican retard understands what is going on now.

When we hear “Putin is visiting North Korea to increase military and economic cooperation,” we say, “ah, great news – the good guys are working together to hatch new schemes against the bad guys, for the benefit of the whole world.”

Everyone knows.

New York Post:

Vladimir Putin will travel to North Korea this week as he seeks continued military support for the Kremlin’s war in Ukraine from one of the world’s most isolated nations.

In his first visit to North Korea since 2000, Putin will meet Kim Jong-un for one-on-one talks in Pyongyang as the two leaders pledge to expand their security and economic cooperation in defiance of western sanctions against both countries.

Putin is expected to arrive in North Korea on Tuesday with a large entourage of government ministers and advisers, including those responsible for the Russian military and weapons procurement. They include his new defence minister, Andrey Belousov, and Denis Manturov, his top deputy prime minister overseeing the defence sector.

“The program is very full,” said Kremlin aide Yuri Ushakov. “A considerable amount of time will be dedicated to informal contacts between the leaders, as these negotiations … will contain the most important and most sensitive questions.”

It is a rare trip abroad for Putin, who has limited his international travel to friendly countries since he launched the full-scale invasion and became the subject of an international criminal court arrest warrant for the mass deportation of children from Ukraine to Russia.

The White House said on Monday that Washington is apprehensive over closer ties between Russia and North Korea.

“We’re not concerned about the trip [by Putin],” national security council spokesperson, John Kirby, told reporters Monday. “What we are concerned about is the deepening relationship between these two countries.”

You shouldn’t be worried about Russia and Best Korea getting along, Kirby.

You should be worried about the much more relevant implications of it. You should be worried about the fact that the mirage has imploded.

You’re in a situation where 85% of the world’s population is calling bullshit. You can call them “dumb niggers who are poor anyway,” or whatever. But the Chinese are not poor.

The world is changing, quickly. And you people need to do some soul-searching about the scope of your concerns. Try to understand the core concern, which is that you are now the bad guy for the overwhelming majority of the global population, and a small minority of bad guys cannot rule over billions of people indefinitely.

You need a plan to either revamp your image (pretty much impossible) or kill billions of people (possible, not really even that difficult).

Elvis Dunderhoff contributed to this article.