“Quenelle Salute” Controversy Demonstrates Wacky Paranoia of the Paranoid Jews

David Duke
January 4, 2014

Jewish Supremacist claims that a joke gesture known as the “Quenelle” (the French word for “dumpling”)—invented by a black comedian named Dieudonne M’bala M’bala in France—is “anti-Semitic” just because he supports the Palestinians, has served as a perfect example of Jewish extremist paranoia and their attempts at misdirection to cover up their own crimes.

quenelleThere is of course no connection between supporting the rights of the Palestinians not to be genocided out of existence and “neo-Nazi” activity—but that is not how the Jewish Supremacists interpret it.

“It’s an inverted Nazi salute,” Roger Cukierman, president of the CRIF Jewish extremist group in France (the French equivalent of America’s ADL) was quoted by the Jewish Telegraphic Agency (JTA) as saying.

For the Jewish Supremacist controlled media, such a statement—made without any proof at all—is all they need to run a series of stories around the glove repeating this claim.

According to the JTA, the gesture is a “vaguely Nazi-like gesture”—which consists of one hand being placed across the shoulder with the other hand being pointed downwards.

In one notable case, an Arab-origin sportsman flashed the gesture during a European football match in England, leading to the head of the European Jewish Congress to call for his expulsion from all future matches and the sport in general.

There is, as said, no evidence at all to link the gesture to any sort of “neo-Nazi” movement—but that it is an indication of opposition to the ongoing genocide, murder and displacement of Palestinians, there is no doubt.

However, in the inverted world of Jewish Supremacism, opposition to aggressive racist exploitation and oppression—when committed by Jews—is a sign of “neo-Nazism.”

In fact, it is nothing of the sort. The claim that a joke gesture invented by a black comedian is “neo-Nazi” is only an indication of Jewish Supremacist tactics: they attempt to disguise their own crimes by falsely accusing everyone else of what they are in fact doing themselves.

This tactic can be seen time and time again in use by the Jewish Supremacists:

– they are the first to accuse everyone else in the world of “racism” while in their own country, Israel, they actively racially discriminate against non-Jews and even make marriage between Jews and non-Jews illegal; and

-they are the first to demand that all other nations have open border immigration policies, but in their own country, Israel, they only allow immigrants of biological Jewish descent to enter, and even use DNA tests to ensure the Jewish racial purity of would-be immigrants.

And now, the ultimate hypocrisy has been reached: anyone who dares criticize the Jewish Supremacist oppression of Palestinians has been dismissed as a “neo-Nazi,” no matter how un-Nazi that person or person may be.

It is the ultimate expression of Jewish Supremacist paranoia, driven primarily by the knowledge that the Internet has allowed the entire world to see through their lies and deceit independently of their control of the mass media.