Racist Black Teacher Bans Hoodies

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A slangy “dress code” included in a computer science course syllabus at historically black college North Carolina Agricultural and Technical University has reportedly been removed after social media users complained it was “anti-black,” despite its author being a black man himself, Forbes reported on Thursday.

The instructor, named by several Twitter users as NC A&T professor Derrick LeFlore, warned his undergraduate students that “Bonnets, Durag [sic], Hoodies, Booty Shorts, Coochie Cutter Shorts, Twerk Shorts” were forbidden in the classroom.

“If you wear it to bed or the club, don’t wear it to [class],” the syllabus, posted to Twitter last week, warned. LeFlore appeared to request a “business casual” dress code from his students, though the full text of the dress code was cut off in the posted screenshot.

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While the professor is himself black, the selection of clothing items he chose to forbid – and the language he used to describe them – led some to accuse him of anti-blackness.

The hoodie ban in particular got a hostile reaction, with several commenters drawing a qualitative distinction between the garment and mere booty shorts (or twerk shorts) in terms of both utility (classrooms get cold) and decorum (“people literally wear hoodies to jobs now,” one user pointed out).

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