Ramadan in Sweden: “When Is ‘Sunset’ in These Latitudes?” Ask Muslims

John Derbyshire
June 20, 2015


mapsweden1-140x300Wednesday this week marked the beginning of the Muslim festival of Ramadan. The festival goes on for a lunar month, and pious Muslims take no food from sun-up to sundown for the entire month.

This has raised problems for Muslims in Sweden. The far north of that country is above the Arctic Circle; so in the northern hemisphere’s midsummer, which is what we’re in, the sun never sets.

The European Imams are scrambling to figure out the Divine Will in this matter and come up with some revised rules for the faithful.

Here’s my contribution to their lucubrations. Perhaps this is Allah’s way of telling you that you don’t belong in Northern Europe. Perhaps he’d prefer you to stay home in the forty-odd nations where you are currently dominant.

A great many Europeans would prefer the same thing, with no malice intended. As we say out here on the Dissident Right: This is what separate countries are for.