Rammstein Singer Being Metoo’d by Mostly Anonymous Whores

I actually met Till Lindermann at a semi-private brothel once, years ago, when he was on tour.

He was friendly enough, but I talked to him only briefly, because I felt the need to express my outrage with the gay shit he was doing at the time, after which point, he was not interested in talking to me. I got the impression he knew who I was.

Anyway: he was at a brothel. Obviously, any rock star can choose from any number of women, who line up after shows to have sex with them. That is quite simply a fact. The obvious impression that I got from him, being at a brothel, was that he was not interested in that.

All of this metoo shit is fake, in that it is all based around stupid “consent” gibberish, rather than what we now call “classic rape.” However, in this case, I would guess that it’s being made up whole cloth. If he’s going to brothels, that indicates to me that he’s not into the whole “groupie girl” thing, which I’m sure is very soul-draining.


German authorities have launched an investigation against Till Lindemann, the frontman of iconic rock band Rammstein, who has been accused of sexual assault while on tour.

The public prosecutor’s office in Berlin announced on Wednesday that Lindemann is being investigated for “sexual offenses and the distribution of drugs.” The statement came hours after multiple German media outlets reported that legal proceedings have been initiated against the singer.

Accordion to Tagesspiegel, Lindemann is accused of violating Section 177 of the German Criminal Code, which covers sexual assault and rape.

Several women, some of them anonymously, recently claimed that Lindemann had coerced them into committing sex acts and had assaulted them at concerts. They also alleged that they had been drugged. 

When a woman says she’s been drugged, that virtually always means she “took drugs.”

Men are just not going around drugging and raping women. This is not a real thing that happens. Certainly, a rock star, who has access to unlimited numbers of willing women, is not going to be doing that.

It’s dumb.

Shelby Lynn, a fan from Northern Ireland, told the BBC that she and several other women had been handpicked and escorted backstage to meet with Lindemann at a “pre-concert party” in Lithuania last month. She claimed that her drink was spiked and that she had been “groomed” as part of an “organized system of funneling girls.” Lynn alleged that the singer reacted angrily and left the room after she had refused to have sex with him.

So she didn’t even have sex with him, and she’s accusing him of rape?

Probably, the actual allegations of rape are all from anonymous women, while the women who claim lesser things – “I took drugs and then was in a room with him and then left” are giving their names.

The law acting on allegations from anonymous women is just a totally insane concept. If you’re not willing to give your name, then you cannot possibly be allowed to accuse someone else of a personal crime against you. In most countries, this is only allowed in the case of rape, and it is allegedly because women are afraid to give their names. Well, the reason they are afraid is that they are lying.

I suspect this is an arranged hit by a group of Jew lawyers.

The Jews have been calling Rammstein “Nazis” because of their aesthetic for decades. Here’s a clip of Lindemann talking about it in the 1990s, and being somewhat dismissive about the thing.

He notes that the guys from Kraftwerk were also accused of Nazism.

Basically, just being German and doing something that looks cool makes you a Nazi, because the Nazis were cool looking Germans.

Although they also had a very edgy aesthetic, I actually think that when Rammstein started doing weird gay and fetish stuff more recently, it was a way to try and move around the whole issue of being called Nazis. I’m sure it’s tiring. At this point, they are old men just trying to get paid.

Previously, however, they had some interesting themes in their songs.

I still think “Amerika” is the simplest and most moving short explanation of the way the Jewish “culture” centered in America has swallowed up all the unique cultures and identities of the peoples of the world.

If Hitler was alive today, he would definitely concur with that particular message.