Rapper Confesses to Murder in Music Video, Gets Arrested


This is not the way it’s supposed to work.

If niggas be get charge they song, we ain’t has no songs.

New York Post:

A Nevada rapper was arrested on murder charges after implicating himself in a music video by sharing details of the crime that only a killer could have known, police said.

Kenjuan McDaniel, 25, was picked up on August 29 after police said lyrics in one of his recently posted music videos included details about a 2021 murder that had not been publicly released, Las Vegas Metropolitan Police said.

“I be the reason why he’s dead, we still taunt him when he die, not the reason he’s dead, so celebrate the reason why his momma cry,” was one of the lyrics in McDaniel’s video for his song “Fadee Free” that police said implicated the rapper, according to a warrant obtained by KVUU.

“The facts gathered during the investigation were obtained separately from the music video,” police said.

“The music video further validated the results of the investigation.”

Seriously though – rappers have been doing this forever. It’s a big thing in the drill scene. They like, put photos of people they killed on the covers of their albums.

It’s really unfair to the blacks, if we’re gonna start charging them with murder just because they admitted it in a darn song.

It’s an infringement on artistic expression…!