Rat Jew Andrew Garfield Says Spider-Man Should Engage in “Interracial Bisexuality”

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 11, 2013

The Spider-Jew, Andrew Garfield, wants your children's role models to be sodomized by black men.
The Spider-Jew, Andrew Garfield, wants your children’s artificially-manufactured corporate Jew role models to be sodomized by black men.

The sickening Jew weasel Andrew Garfield, who plays Peter Parker/Spider-Man (a character created by Jew Stan Lee, though the awesome costume was designed by Slav Steve Ditko), has announced that he believes the character should engage in gay sex with black men in the upcoming sequel to the hit film The Amazing Spider-Man.

From Entertainment Weekly:

Andrew Garfield has loved Spider-Man since he was a little kid. He can speak eloquently and at length about how open the Spider-verse is for interpretation. Recently, he says, he had a philosophical discussion with producer Matt Tolmach about Mary Jane or “MJ” to fans. “I was kind of joking, but kind of not joking about MJ,” he tells EW. “And I was like, ‘What if MJ is a dude?’ Why can’t we discover that Peter is exploring his sexuality? It’s hardly even groundbreaking!…So why can’t he be gay? Why can’t he be into boys?

Garfield even has an actor in mind: “I’ve been obsessed with Michael B. Jordan since The Wire. He’s so charismatic and talented. It’d be even better—we’d have interracial bisexuality!” The star has clearly suggested a sexually flexible Spidey to his director, Marc Webb, as well. When EW later mentions the idea to Webb, the director says, “Michael B. Jordan, I know.” Oh, so he’s heard this too? “Uh, are you kidding?”

Yes, why can’t heroes in children’s stories get sodomized by black men, Mr. Garfield? Why can’t they also have sex with animals and corpses? What is the reason this can’t happen, you filthy kike?  After all, if interracial bisexuality is better than normal faggotry, than sex with a dead mixed-breed dog must be the best of all!

These Jews are not going to stop until you make them stop, folks.