Reality is Antisemitic

Daily Stormer
August 11, 2014

Don't dare show things that we do, goyim.
Don’t dare show things that we do, goyim.

The above image shows a comic published in an Australian newspaper which was denounced as Antisemitic alongside an actual happening.  All that the cartoon did was caricaturize the real life happening of Jews watching the bombing of Gaza like it was a fireworks show, cheering and eating popcorn.

Through this, the rabid Jew terrorists have admitted that they view not only criticism of their behavior as Antisemitic, but simply acknowledging their behavior as Antisemitic.

In the Jewish mind, it seems, reality itself is a form of Antisemitism.  The only way to avoid this is to join in in the Jewish fantasy world where it is impossible for a Jew to ever do anything wrong.