Recognition: Most Americans Now Realize Coronavirus Lockdown Crisis is Worse Than 2008 Recession

They haven’t even begun to realize the realization that is coming.

Well, I guess technically they have begun to realize.

Study Finds:

The 2008 recession was a tough time for millions. While many consider that economic meltdown to be the worst crash since the Great Depression, COVID-19 seems to be re-writing all the books when it comes to global disasters. With economies all over the world shut down, a survey finds most American adults see the current financial crisis as worse than the “great recession.”

More than half of the 2,000 adults between 40 and 65 years-old, making over $100,000 a year, see the impact of COVID-19 as more damaging than the crisis 13 years ago.

Commissioned by Edelman Financial Engines in late 2020, the survey also reports 59 percent of Americans based much of their vote in 2020 on the candidates’ COVID-19 response plans. Over seven in 10 people (72%) said concerns over their financial future dictated their vote in the U.S. presidential election. Another 64 percent named “economics” as the top policy topic that influenced their voting decisions.

It’s quite clear that money concerns are weighing heavily on Americans right now. While 88 percent of the poll are still saving for retirement, 24 percent have had to make fewer contributions than they planned since the pandemic began. Another 35 percent admit they don’t have enough savings in general.

Among Americans contributing to a retirement fund, one in four have had to dip into that account to help cover costs during the pandemic. The average American says it will take six years to re-coup those lost savings. One in two people spent some retirement money early to pay bills. Meanwhile, nearly four in 10 (39%) gave some money to a friend or family member in need. A third had to use their retirement savings due to an emergency.

Presently, this whole thing is only floating on the trillions of new dollars they are printing.

This is going to be the worst economic crisis in all of human history.

Except that the stock market might actually keep going. Because huge amounts of money are being printed, and all of these new dollars are ending up in the stock market. This actually means that inflation is somewhat lessened, but it still means that you have no money.

Furthermore, you have no way to make money. All of the industry has been gutted. As if there was much industry left here to begin with in 2019.

This is what the coronavirus “pandemic” hoax is: it is the greatest wealth transfer in human history, and it is a transfer from the white middle class to the elite minority class, the banks, and multinational corporations. They will have soon crushed all small businesses. There will be nothing left for you. You will live in government housing, these high-rise tenement buildings like they have in China, and you will be required to pay for your basic needs with credits issued to you like an allowance.

You will also require government handouts to eat. They will give you plastic bags with soup that is made from soy, transfats, corn syrup and eventually probably insect protein.

That will be your life, and there will be no way out of it.

The reason?

These billionaires worked hard for their money, and you have no right to criticize them.

If you didn’t want to live in a government apartment the size of a parking space and eat government bug soup, well then, I guess you should have worked harder and become a billionaire.