Recruitment Crisis: 77% of Young American Men Unfit to Serve


Do you want to go kill random people and force their sons to have gay anal sex with adult men?

We’ll give you $75,000, and if you get all fucked up, like your legs blown off and shit, we’ll give you a shit ton of free pills.


The US Army, Navy and Air Force are facing shortfalls in recruitment targets this year, as the Pentagon struggles to compete with civilian employment, while up to 77% of young people have been deemed ineligible to enlist, the New York Times said on Tuesday.

By the end of its recruitment year on September 30, the US Army fell short of its target of adding 65,000 people to its ranks, the NYT says, instead ending up with about 50,000 new personnel. It is the third successive year that the army has not met its goal, prompting military bosses to cut unfilled positions and shrink its active duty membership to 452,000 from 485,000 in 2021.

The recruitment logjam has created “an existential issue for us,” Army Secretary Christine E. Wormuth told reporters this month, even as some branches of the military relax recruitment standards and even offer financial compensation of up to $75,000 to join.

Primary factors in the stalled recruitment effort include many Americans seeking employment in the private civilian sector, as well as large sections of US youth being deemed ineligible to even apply. A recent report by the US Department of Defense concluded that up to 77% of young people in the United States cannot enlist for a variety of reasons, including being overweight, drug abuse, or having physical or mental impairments.

Omg, 77%????


This is a nation of utter failures.

Imagine – I’m pushing 40 years old, and I’m in better shape than 90% of 18 year olds, simply because I’m not fat, addicted to drugs, or insane.

I’m still ineligible for the military, of course – like I assume most of the remaining 23% of young people are – because I said all of this shit about the US government and the Jews.

That’s a number I’d like to see: what percentage of that 23% of fit young men are ineligible because of shit they posted on the internet? I’d say it has to be at least half.

Like, if you wrote “I hope every city in the US gets nuked and everyone dies like in Sodom for all of this faggot shit this satanic country did,” the government probably has a record of that, and they’re not going to recruit you.

I mean, they might conscript you, and just put you on the front lines in a death march.

But then, they’d better make sure you don’t have anything white to wave.

If the fit 23% of American boys got sent to fight the Russians, Palestine, Iran, the Chinese, whoever – they’d be finding a piece of white cloth real quick.

Then, after the surrender process, they’d be like “alright, let’s get me a uniform change – we’ve got faggots to kill.”

American Patriotism is dead, dead, dead.

I’m sorry. I miss it as much as you do, I promise you that.

But it’s gone.

The American flag is the rainbow flag, and that is just what it is.

I have patriotism to Jesus now.

And I’m on the side of anyone who waves the Cross of Christ, and anyone who stands against the Anal Empire.

While Moslems, Chinese, Russians, and others will sign up for their militaries out of a sense of patriotism, patriotism is not a viable mechanism to recruit anyone in America.

Any soldier who is going to fight for this Anal Empire is going to do so as a mercenary.

There is no southern farm boy out-of-touch enough to believe that the American military stands for freedom.

Everyone knows it stands for a gaping anus.

The only option the US has at this point – and I think this at least partially explains the border crisis – is to offer citizenship to illegals willing to go fight in their wars.

Are these mixed multitudes going to be anything close to the competence level of the southern white boys who used to fight these ZOG wars?

Obviously not even close.

At all.

Those boys who fought in Desert Wars were hard.

They’re all gone.

But the US government’s gambit is that it doesn’t really matter, because they have a lot of aircraft carriers.

These retards just united the entire Islamic world against them. Russia and China are united against them.

I think they’re going to need more than aircraft carriers to fight this war against the entire world.

But hey – I’m not a military expert.

Maybe it will all work out great for them?