On Dave Chappelle, Alex Jones, Andrew Anglin, And the Jews

Dave has always been on this Jew issue.

You remember when he defended Kanye on Saturday Night Live?

The guy gets it. I don’t think he likes white people very much (I think he resents the fact that he’s basically a highbrow minstrelsy), but that isn’t a crime. I don’t really like black people very much myself.

The point is: Dave is the kind of person who should be in charge of the black community. Instead he’s effectively banished from the mainstream. He’s managed to ride some kind of weird line, where he’s still allowed to go in and get his money and come back out again. I don’t really understand it, beyond some vague black privilege and the fact that he’s just been smart about shit. He kinda ducks and dodges. It’s amazing he made it out of that SNL thing, after lying about what he was going to say in the monologue. I don’t think he’s going to have another Netflix special, but he’s still doing these comedy club gigs.

New York Post:

Comedian Dave Chappelle criticized the United States for backing Israel’s “war crimes” against Palestinians during a live performance in Boston Thursday, prompting some audience members to walk out, according to a report.

The controversial comic made the remarks during a show at the TD Garden on Thursday, The Wall Street Journal reported.

Chappelle condemned Hamas’ Oct. 7 attack on Israel that left some 1,400 Israelis dead — but blasted what he claimed were Israel’s war crimes in Gaza, sparking some pushback from the crowd, people in attendance told the outlet.

The brouhaha started when a member of the audience told Chappelle to “shut up” after he said he didn’t think people should lose their jobs for supporting Palestinians, according to the Journal.

See, if I was Dave Chappelle, and some guy stood up and told me to shut up after calling out Israel, I would do the “Dave Chappelle frowning with wide eyes and looking downward and whispering into the mic” face and say “Mr. Hitler, you’re gonna wanna put this one back in the oven. He’s still whining.”

But Dave is cool. He doesn’t go over the edge.

Chappelle, in response, criticized the Israeli government’s decision to cut off food, water and electricity to Gaza.

He also accused Israel of killing innocent civilians and committing war crimes, according to the report.

It’s a “report” because he makes everyone put their cellphones in a locked bag and they get kicked out of the show if they open it. This is brilliant, because aside from the fact that it makes everything about the atmosphere of the show better and more fun, no one can do outrage clipping.

It’s reported that he said this stuff about the Jews, but if there was a clip of it to go viral, that would be six million times more likely to result in a canceling.

I think people should study Dave. I think he’s an important figure in society, and I think it’s important that he demonstrated some desire to be a leader in the black community and then was basically scared off and decided to just chill and do his best to get out a little bit of a message while not blowing up his own life.

Ultimately, it’s a fail. You have to have people willing to blow up their own lives (like, ironically, Kanye did – before surrendering totally because he caught a whiff).

I blew up my own life. It sucks. But I’m old enough now that if I was going to regret it, I would, and I don’t. I did the right thing, and I know that God is going to weigh that when I’m dead. And, I know He’s already weighed it. I’ve been protected and taken care of. My life could be a lot worse, given what I’ve done, going full-on and saying every single thing that I believed needed to be said.

The impact I’ve had on the culture is palpable. I made anti-Semitism cool and I helped shape the thinking of the men who are going to shape the 21st century. It was a brutal sacrifice, and I’m reminded of it every day. I mean, I don’t go around pitying myself every day, or really at all (maybe once in a while, if I’m totally honest), it’s just that the effects of what I’ve done come up every single day. I’m not able to live or make money like a normal human being. My professional and personal life both involve all kinds of weird, stupid, complicated bullshit.

I was always going to be a writer on the internet. I’ve been doing that since MySpace, when I was 17, and I was writing since I was a boy. But I could have been Alex Jones. I could have millions of dollars and be spending $100,000 a month eating pangolin. I could do the edgy shit about blacks and trannies, probably. I just wouldn’t be able to talk about the Jews. That’s the one thing you’re not allowed to talk about – the Jews and their stupid Holocaust hoax.

On the scale of braveness, I would rank Dave above Alex. At least Dave will say the Jew thing, sort of. He won’t go full-on, and say what every single person on earth above a certain intelligence threshold is aware of (see: Chinese university studies on Jews running America). But he says a little bit and doesn’t go out there defending the baby-killers like Alex Jones does.

It’s strange to realize how unique it is to have an overwhelming drive to tell the truth. I would never celebrate myself as some kind of ultra-moral person. Forgive me if it has ever sounded like I was doing that. I don’t really believe that about myself. When I say God is going to give me credit, I’m thinking about a scorecard on Judgement Day, where my sins and suffering in the name of the truth will be weighed. But on the whole, in observing myself, I see an overwhelming drive that I was born with to tell the truth for no logical or specific reason.

With regards to the issue of Judgement Day, I do not even claim that I acted on that initially. When I first started talking about Jews, it was because it was funny. When people first started coming at me and saying “you can’t say that,” my response was “lol, watch me.” It just feels, internally, that there is an overpowering need to say this stuff, which outweighs any other possible concern of mortal beings. When I say things that are true, that no one else will say, it feels like there is a divine power flowing through me.

What’s the Metallica thing?

Yeah, Ride the Lightning. (You thought I was gonna say “Kill ‘Em All.”)

I don’t understand how people do not have this drive. It feels like the sex drive to me, this desire to throttle the power of truth. At least, that’s the only comparison I can make for people who apparently lack this inherent drive. It’s not appropriate to talk about – that is, it’s another truth you’re not supposed to say – but every man who has been 16 years old knows what it feels like to see a teenage girl and just have an overpowering drive to grab her and rip her clothes off. It’s a visceral impulse that is totally illogical. It’s illogical for several different reasons, but the most important reason is that, as anyone who has ever had sex is aware, the immediate payoff is not great. That is: the experience of sex is not proportional to the drive. You do not typically feel better after having ejaculated. In fact, your body is totally drained, and your testosterone drops massively. You feel exhausted and guilty.

What’s the Nine Inch Nails thing?

Yeah, “I wanna fuck you like an animal, you get me closer to God.”

(Probably don’t listen to that song, it’s not a mood enhancer. I’m not sure why this Dave Chapelle commentary has taken this 1990s metal turn, but I’m going with it.)

The point is: you do have this instinct, as a male mammal – most acutely between the ages of 15 and 17 for a human – that “fucking like an animal” will get you closer to God. That does not happen. It’s an extremely unfortunate biological illusion, stemming from the fallen nature of man (the simp Grandpa Adam listening to that dumb whore Grandma Eve).

Telling the truth, however – especially when there is a punishment for doing so – does get you closer to God. It’s something I would never give up. It’s a power that anyone who is capable of seeing the truth – which is apparently what the Bible calls “The Elect” – can harness. It’s not free. These people will take everything from you. But there is nothing in this mortal coil that comes close to meaning this much.

I now believe this is some kind of personal curse and blessing I was given at birth. I thought, a decade ago, that it was simply an informational problem. I thought that there had been a blackout after World War II on all of this information, and that it had emerged on 4chan, and that it was simply a matter of lighting a fire and burning everything down. I thought that everyone exposed to this power of telling the truth – about the Jews, about women, about human biology, all of these things you’re not allowed to say – would be embraced by millions of men, who would be willing to give anything to tap into that divine power.

But they were not willing to give anything. They were willing to give very little. We saw this when the hammer came down. People fled, they scurried. People who had been telling the truth started lying. I said “bros, I thought we were riding the lightning? What’s going on?”

I obviously can’t say how I would respond to torture, but I can tell you with total humbleness: if a Jew held a gun to my head and told me to lie, I’d say “pull the trigger, kike.” Or maybe I would keep saying the Jesus prayer over and over until he pulled the trigger. But I would not lie. I mean this. I have an incredible capacity to visualize my own death. I’ve been through it a million times. (It’s important to do. I should have written a self-help article on this at some point. There is nothing more important than reminding yourself that some day you will die. It brings everything into focus.)

It’s confusing to not be able to understand the internal drives of other people. I can at least understand people who were concerned about serious prison time (as opposed to token jail time) in the wake of the event. No one wants to go to prison. It’s just a bunch of niggers. I can’t understand people who started thinking about money. It just feels confusing. Again, I’m not talking about morality here. I’m saying that I can’t personally grasp the idea of putting money above the desire to burn down this entire rotten structure of lies we were all born into.

But what did AC/DC say?

Yeah, “money talks.”

People really like money.

I’m not saying I don’t like money. I don’t really care about luxury. I mostly just want my computers, cigarettes, vodka, and fish. In that order. But I do understand money as power. But the only thing I would really want to use that power for is ripping down these lies, breaking the darkness and letting the light shine down on the people. It seems to be the only thing that matters. It seems to me that dying without seeing it come down, but knowing that some day it will, would be meaningful.

The recent revelation that Alex Jones is spending nearly $100,000 a month on food was mind-blowing. If I had millions of dollars, I would be buying property in Appalachia, buying municipal governments and sheriff’s departments, and laying the groundwork for creating an Outer Heaven type micronation in the wake of the collapse of the US government. But I wouldn’t ever have millions of dollars, because I wouldn’t have agreed to lie about the Jews in the way Alex Jones traded the truth for a $100,000-a-month food tab.

Dave Chappelle did the same thing. He’s probably going to read this and start with justifications about how no one wants the truth, and therefore it isn’t worth it to sacrifice yourself. But again: I don’t understand. The ultimate goal is to tear the thing down, to reestablish a society based on the order of nature, on the truth. But the act of telling the truth is an end in itself.

To look at Jones or Chappelle and others who we know know – I would even put Mel Gibson on that list, but of course all of these horrible Twitter people, Mike Cernovich and Jack Posobiec are ones I always think of, but there are so many of them – and see them consciously deciding to live a life of luxury by being paid to lie… I do not understand it.

I can understand the justification in your own mind. This is another thing I’ve been meaning to write about – the mechanisms in the brain for justification and denial. I said in a conversation the other day that “denial is the single most efficient human coping mechanism.” It’s important to understand that, and to observe your own self. This whole glorification of truth as man’s only direct connection to divinity applies to the personal as well as the Jews. I don’t think anyone can completely rid themselves of denial, because they would collapse psychologically, but insofar as you are capable of picking apart your own personal delusions, this is the only form of self-help that means anything. Anyone claiming they don’t have personal delusions is engaged in denial. (It may be that “personal delusions” is better terminology than “denial,” given that the latter is associated with modern psychiatry. However, the modern psychiatry definitions of “denial” are probably accurate, despite holistic problems with the discipline).

Another part of engaging in the truth of reality is that you start to be able to feel the truth. It builds upon itself, and the world opens up. You start to be able to see things. Denial of the truth has the opposite effect, like losing your vision.

In Conclusion

I know that some of you have this kind of obsession with the truth that I have. I know a lot of you have it. Some of you don’t. But there are some obvious things I need to say on a personal level to you lads.

I’m not telling the reader to blow up their lives like I did mine. I think that both Alex Jones and Dave Chappelle, as well as others, should do that, but if you are not a public figure already, you don’t have that obligation. Alex Jones is a talented radio personality, Chappelle a talented comedian. I’m an okay typer (that’s what I tell the kids – “I’m not a writer, I’m a typer!”). We all have some form of “leadership qualities” in terms of being able to influence people. I think we are three people, with three skillsets that put us in a position where we are obligated to tell the whole truth and nothing but.

If you’re a computer programmer or a mechanic, you’re not a public person, and you probably didn’t have the skillset to be a public person, or you would have been one, because there is also an internal drive for that (which is also something that needs further elaboration – put it on the list). Because you do not have the skillset to be a public person, you don’t have an obligation to make public statements.

I will also say: don’t harass your family about the Jews. It doesn’t do anything good. Don’t ever do it. Most likely, they are not interested (because statistically, the majority of Western man is in a state of total reality denial), and it will destroy your relationships with them for no good reason. My policy of advice on this matter is if people who are close to you – primarily family members, but also childhood friends – ask you questions, you should answer them truthfully, just as much as they ask.

For example:

Dad: Do you believe in the Holocaust?

You: I don’t believe in fake shower room gas chambers, no.

If there is no followup question, do not add further information. Just leave it. Maybe he follows up or maybe he doesn’t. If he doesn’t follow up, you’ve serviced your obligation to the truth, and there is no reason to add information.

Let’s suppose there is a followup question, and continue the exercise.

Dad: So what do you think happened? I met a guy with a tattoo.

You: Yes, Jews were taken to concentration camps by the Germans, in the same way Japanese were taken to concentration camps in America. Rightly or wrongly, they were viewed as a security threat during the war. “The Holocaust” typically refers to a secret plan by the Germans to exterminate Jewish people, which I don’t believe existed.

Dad: So what, you don’t think anyone died? I’ve seen piles of corpses.

You: It was a war, and a lot of people died. The camps were in rural Poland, and supply lines were bombed, which caused starvation and disease across Europe. It’s unfortunate that Jews died, but a lot of people died. It was the biggest war ever.

Dad: So you think Hitler was good or what?

You: Hitler was a man, and made decisions, some of them good and some of them bad. I don’t believe in the cartoonish evil portrayal of him, no. I think the world would look a lot different if Germany had won.

Dad: Like, what do you mean? We’d all be speaking German, right?

You: No, I don’t think there was a plan to Germanize America. If you look at the world right now, it doesn’t look like white Christian America won a war, it looks like we lost one. The Nazis would have been unlikely to support mass immigration, trannies, gay marriage, Black Lives Matter, feminism, abortion, banning prayer in schools, forced vaccination, and various other liberal agendas, so a world where Germany had won, and become the cultural and economic center of the world instead of America, probably wouldn’t have these things.

Dad: Yeah, I guess I can’t see Hitler cutting boys’ dicks off or opening the borders. It’s an interesting view. I’ve never really thought about it like that.

You: Yeah, it’s hard to question this stuff you learn when you’re a kid, but there are a lot of things that we’re told which just don’t stand up to scrutiny.

Dad: Yeah, it’s strange to think about a lie of that size. I’ll have to think about it. Thanks.

You: Sure, no problem, dad. I enjoy talking. I love you. [Male-to-male back-patting action]

Dad: [Male-to-male arm-patting action] I love you too, [YOUR NAME].

You see that every question is answered directly, without any kind of mania, or adding of extra information or extra topics. Don’t start linking different topics together, and just vomiting up information all over the loved one.

I did this to my family 20 years ago. It was a disaster. You don’t want to ever do it.

There is no actual use for the “informational vomit” technique other than podcasts or like, this bizarre rambling essay you’re reading right now. I know there is this urge, but if we go back to the tedious (and no doubt uncomfortable) sex analogy above, this is like premature ejaculation, or like doing the Louis CK thing and whipping out your dick and masturbating in front of people.

Hopefully that makes sense.

Furthermore: the above theoretical discussion with dad assumes that dad is a normie conservative. Most of you have normie conservative parents. I of course don’t have exact numbers, but I would estimate over 80% of you come from conservative-leaning families, and even if you were raised by a single mother, she is probably not a Democrat voter. However, if you are in the minority that has a liberal family, you need to be a lot more careful than in the above example.

The white readers will find this funny, but we actually have like a relatively massive black readership. I think the site probably has, percentage-wise, the largest black readership of any major American news website. If you’re black and you’ve got a dad, he is probably a Democrat voter who won’t care about your views on the Holocaust. Obviously there are other smaller readership groups, but just follow the logic laid out. I don’t understand the minutia of the cultural norms of Indians or whichever other group. Most likely, if you’re not white or Jewish, your parents are Democrat voters (or the European equivalent) who do not feel strongly about Jewish issues.

There’s a large readership of the male children of immigrants who are drawn to the site because they feel alienated by their situation, and I’m sure there are all kinds of issues that would trigger your parents, probably any issue surrounding your feelings about being an immigrant minority. So: just don’t alienate your parents or siblings.

This is really important for everyone.

If you have liberal parents and they start asking you about this sort of stuff, they are probably investigating or engaging in an actual witch hunt against you. They are not interested in information, and there is effectively no situation in which you are going to change the minds of liberals who are over the age of 40. You should still preserve those relationships. It’s important that you preserve your filial duties, at any cost. It’s one of the Ten Commandments. So, I’m just going to say it, because it’s true: if you have to, you should lie. If you have liberal parents and they (particularly the mother) start witch hunting you to see if you’re a “neo-Nazi white supremacist,” you should honestly lie.

People who believe in liberal ideology, which, for whites, can be determined more or less 100% by their voting patterns, are deeply deranged. It’s said too often in an unserious way, but people who support left politics in the current year are actually, literally mentally ill. They are, at the very least, “over-socialized.” It’s not your problem to solve that for your parents, and you can’t solve it. So just let it be.

It’s maybe counterintuitive to tell you to lie to people in any situation, but I promise you, I’m right about this. There are other obvious situations where you lie to people. Right now in Palestine there are children asking their parents if they are going to die. If the child is under say, 11, or if it’s a female child, the parent should obviously lie to them. There is no reason to tell a child who is going to die that they are going to die. If the child is male and has reached the age of reason, you may tell him of the likelihood of death, because he may have some things he wants to say to God, or other things he wants to do to prepare himself. But under a certain age, or if female, there is no justification for telling the truth in that situation.

This speaks to the ends discussed above:

  • Personal power and connection to God, and
  • Creating a better world, that is better to people and to families

You don’t get any personal power from telling a starving child they are going to die or by telling your Democrat voter mother that the Holocaust is fake. It also does not serve the end of creating a better world to tell the truth in these situations. In both situations, it is simply cruel, with no benefit.

(Editor’s Note: I’ve just realized that Moslems have a kind of obsession with death and the afterlife, which is much different than the Christian relationship to these concepts, meaning that the example of the Gazans speaking to their children might not be culturally appropriate. Moslems may simply tell their children they are going to Heaven. Nonetheless, I think everyone understands the point being made.)