Regarding the “Nazi Gun Control” Myths

Daily Stormer
July 15, 2013

Typical lying idiocy posted on Facebook by "truthers."
Typical lying idiocy so often posted on Facebook by “truthers.”

If you listen to Alex Jones or browse through your typical “Truther” websites or videos, you’ll often come across the claim that Hitler & the Nazis confiscated ordinary Germans’ guns so that they couldn’t overthrow the terrible “Nazi dictatorship.” You can also do a Google Images search for [gun control] and you’ll find a whole lot of propaganda images in which Hitler is side by side with Stalin and Mao under the headline “Experts Agree – Gun Control Works,” or similar.

But what’s the actual truth of the matter? Did those German Nazis really take people’s guns away – so that they’d make no fuss on their way to the gas chambers and lampshade factories? So that they couldn’t rebel against the terrible dictator Hitler that they hated so much, and make a loving and wonderful democracy? Or…?

Now do a Google search for [gun control nazi]. In between a few obvious Jewish propaganda pieces, you’ll discover that even mainstream sources confirm that the “Hitler took people’s guns away” claim – is nothing but yet another shameless Jewish lie. This article from really puts the matter to rest:

The Hitler gun control lieGun rights activists who cite the dictator as a reason against gun control have their history dangerously wrong

There you go. As a bonus to the story I give you a very valuable text which was actually written by a Jew who grew up and lived in Hitler’s new Germany. In this short text – just 30-some pages long – you’ll learn the truth about “Nazi gun control.” If you haven’t already read the text, I think I can say you’ll be surprised at how ..liberal.. Nazi gun policy actually was. Additionally, you’ll learn other interesting facts about the Third Reich and the Second World War. Here you can read and download the text:

UNDER TWO FLAGS – by Heinz Weichardt (.pdf to download) , Read online

And I’ll give you even one more goodie; again a short text, but this time from the not entirely unknown Nazi Hans Schmidt:

Living in Hitler’s Germany

In this text the “gun control” lie is debunked as well.

To paraphrase Dr. Goebbels: The Truth is the best propaganda!