Remembering Josue Estebanez de la Hija, Spanish Nationalist Crucified for Defending Himself Against Antifa Traitors

Alfred Heisenberg
Daily Stormer
November 11,  2013

“Better to live one day as a lion than one hundred years as a sheep!”
-Benito Mussolini

On the 11th of November 2007, a lone patriot was traveling on the Madrid Metro on his way to a legally authorised Spanish Nationalist demonstration that was being held in a largely immigrant area of Madrid by la Partista Democracia Nacional (the National Democrats Party). Josue Estebanez de la Hija, a 23 year old professional soldier who proudly served his country in the Regimiento de Infantería Inmemorial del Rey n.º 1 (the 1st King’s Immemorial Infantry regiment of the Spanish Army – the oldest armed unit in the world), could never have imagined that his combat training was going to be critical to his survival on that cold winter afternoon.

Josue Estebanez de la Hija.
Josue Estebanez de la Hija.

As the train approached Legazpi station on the metro line 3 at 12:55pm, the calm civilised atmosphere on the carriage was about to take a turn for the worst. Josue, a young man whose job depended on him being able to identify (and resolve) dangerous situations had no idea that Legazpi station, a mere stop away from his intended destination, was to be the assembly point for over 50 violent, armed, antifa thugs, including a group who went by the name of “Movimiento contra la Intolerancia.”

Josue, on spotting this heavily armed mob, quickly realized that his clothing (a “three strokes” sweatshirt and combat trousers), as well as his standard military haircut, was going to cause him to be singled out as this cowardly pack’s first victim of the day.

He was cornered by the enemy, outnumbered at least 50 to 1.

There’s an old saying and I’m sure everyone reading this will agree with: “better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6.” If Josue was active in the right-wing movement, then I’m sure he was no stranger to the violence of the continental European extreme left-wing movement. He wasn’t going to become another statistic. Realizing his odds of escape were slim, and fighting off 50 armed attackers with his bare fists was impossible, Josue discretely reached into his right trouser pocket and drew his official military issue knife and prepared himself mentally for the inescapable confrontation that was about to follow (in court he gave the perfectly reasonable defense that he was carrying the knife because he had military exercises the following day, and he wasn’t going to go back to his apartment prior to heading to the base the following morning).

Outside the carriage, the red terrorists could not believe their luck. There they were, on their way to disturb a peaceful nationalist demonstration, when along comes a lone nationalist wolf – their prey, wrapped up like a Christmas present for the Marxist coyotes to stalk and take down. One of these communist agitators, a stocky young 16-year-old by the name of Carlos Palomino, was eager to make a name for himself that afternoon and impress the elders of his group. Little did he know that he was about to pick a fight with a very tough lone wolf.

I can’t imagine the adrenaline that must have been pumping through this hero’s body as those carriage doors opened and the mob surrounded him. His military training must have prepared him for scenarios like this better than your average Joe.

Years earlier, a young Swede by the name of Daniel Wretström was waiting for a bus following a party in a Stockholm suburb, when a gang of 15 assorted ethnic invaders and at least one indigenous traitor approached him and beat the living crap out of him with anything they could get their hands on, frantically shouting “racist” before they cut his throat like a piece of halal meat and killed him. This was NOT going to be Josue’s fate!

As anyone who’s studied Antifa attacks on YouTube knows, they have a pretty standard modus operandi. It goes something like this:

A. Surround the victim
B. Get one of your cockiest members to harrass the victim to psychologically intimidate him
C. Assign another member the task of sucker punching the victim when he’s least expecting it
D. Victim goes down, pack pounces and obliterate their prey with whatever is at their disposal

These were not “peaceful demonstrators.” The court accepted the evidence of the prosecution that they were just a bunch of hippies who were merely carrying placards and whistles, but a police seizure from the demo later that day tells a very different story.

Armas amigos Pollo
Antifa confiscated weapons.

At the demonstration that followed that afternoon the Policia Nacional recovered a huge arsenal of weapons from the Antifa hordes – including knives, chains, knuckle dusters, tear gas grenades, flares and even some pistols!

Also, If you examine the footage carefully, you can clearly see one of the first members of the group who enters the carriage arming his fist with knuckle dusters. I’d guess this scumbag was going to be the guy who would have been the designated sucker-puncher.

Knuckle dusters.
Knuckle dusters.

Next steps up the main agitator Carlos Palomino, nicknamed “El Pollo” (the chicken) by his friends. A Marxist fanatic – a rebel without a clue, looking to make a name for himself with the big lads. He can clearly be seen uttering something to Josue whilst pointing to the emblem on his clothing (according to Josue’s defense, it was words to the effect of “you’re not going to get off this carriage fucking Fascist!” – if that’s not a provocation, then I don’t know what is!). The smug grin, born from Carlos’ naive assumption that this lone warrior didn’t stand a fighting chance, is quickly wiped off his face as Josue defies his threats and plunges his army issue blade straight through his chest plate and into “The Chicken’s” heart.

What happens next is priceless. Not used to this kind of violent heroic behavior, the yellow belly Reds rapidly retreat en masse out of the carriage to escape the cornered barking wolf as he defiantly tells them “I’ll kill you all you scum!” Josue now has control of the carriage, and this is to be his fortress for the best part of the next 90 seconds. Several attempts can be seen by the Marxist cowards to re-enter the carriage, but none of them has the cojones to take him on, at least not until his back is turned and they have several of their comrades to his front and rear (the second attacker also met the sharp end of Josue’s knife!) Several objects are then hurled at Josue through the open carriage doors, which are promptly launched back at them – the final one is either a tear gas grenade or a distress flare. At this point Josue realizes his fortress is no longer safe, sees his break and makes a run for it. I’m not entirely sure about the events that followed. Apparently some of them caught up with him and gave him a severe beating and nearly stabbed him, before the police intervened and took him to the hospital.

In Josue’s defense he stated:

I saw punks and skinheads on the platform. They pointed at me said ‘go and catch him’ and shouted death threats. I felt scared, so I pulled out my official army knife that I was carrying in my trousers. They entered in the wagon and I was cornered by these persons that were carrying weapons.

They said to me “you are not going to get out of here, fucking fascist.” They had a knife and a brass knuckle, and they again threatened to kill me several times. One of them pointed at me and the other pulled out brass knuckles. Another entered the carriage making his way in amongst the rest. He blocked my way and asked me about my sweater.

My survival instinct kicked in. I felt that they were going to attack me and that I was not going to escape alive from there. I stabbed him because I was frightened. Then I tried to move away from the attackers and escape as soon as I had an opportunity.

The Aftermath

So what happened to this young hero? How was this brave soldier’s courageous heroic stand against innumerable foes rewarded? In October 2009, nearly two years after the incident, he was handed down one of the most severe punishments possible in the Spanish legal system and was sentenced to 26 years.

The sentence included the following convictions:

19 years of prison for the murder of Carlos Palomino
7 years of prison for the attempted murder of one of the friends of Carlos P. that attacked Josué.
€500 penalty to pay to one of the antifascists stabbed
€92,257 compensation for the mother of Carlos P, and €67,096 for the father

(The court has approved the insolvency declaration of the accused because he has no patrimony or income)

To put this in perspective, some of those convicted in the 2004 Madrid Train Bombing were given lesser sentences! De Juana Chaos, an ETA terrorist responsible for the deaths of of 25 people, only got 16 years!

The Prison Term.

November 11th, 2013 will mark 6 years of incarceration for Josue.

Apparently, there is an ongoing appeal to the European Court of Human Rights. He has been classed as a special category prisoner, so he’s not allowed contact from the outside world (other than from his immediate family) as well as a wide range of other restrictions (no material of a political nature, no visits from the outside, including politicians, he’s not even allowed to befriend other prisoners!)

The first part of his sentence was spent in a military jail until his contract with the army expired and since then he’s been moved to various parts of the country, some of which have made it very inconvenient for family visits. From November 2010 to the present he’s been held in a facility in Asturias in the North (still a 3 hour drive for his family). They have extended the imprisonment in protective custody regime till the 6th of November of 2020, a period of time that equals half the sentence imposed, although it is expected that the Higher Court will revise this sentence before that date.

Josue has been using his time inside positively and has been studying history through an open university course. You can’t write to him because of the restrictions, but he’s an allowed an allowance of up to 260 euros a month for other food, toiletries and phone cards. Considering Spain’s deepening recession at the moment, I’m sure all the costs are hard for his family to handle, so if any readers can make a donation then please consider making a transfer to Josue’s father:

Account number: IBAN: ES6201826119110201505637
Beneficiary: D. Estebanez de la Hija


I wrote this article so that we don’t forget the countless unsung heroes who are sacrificed before the alter of ZOG. This Poppy Day I’ll be remembering the fallen heroes on both sides of the wars of fraternal conflict (except the bastard Jew Bolsheviks!), but this year in particular I’m going to toast a special glass to this brave young man and send some of my dwindling euros to his family. I encourage everyone else (who can) to do the same and let him know he is not alone and that his courage is an inspiration to us all. I don’t condone the murder of defenseless and innocent people, on the contrary – it’s completely against my Aryan conscience. Our brother, Josue Estebanez de la Hija, was the underdog on November 11th 2007, but on that day, in the Madrid underground at least – it was a “White boy day!”


On a Brighter Note

Last November 2012, some Spanish nationalist comrades vandalized the memorial plaque for Carlos “The Chicken” Palomino. They entirely covered the plaque with red paint and erected a Spanish Flag (antifascists hate that flag) with the words “JOSUE LIBERTAD” printed on it next to it. They also painted some swastikas and Celtic crosses along with phrases like “Heroes don’t walk in packs” in the surrounding area. Apparently they weren’t able to clean it up completely before the memorial, which was due to be held the next day!

Chicken's memorial.
Chicken’s memorial.

Special thanks to and the posters at Stormfront and other blogs for the updates that made this article possible.