Report: Leader of “The Base” is a Former CIA Agent Who Runs Private Intelligence Group

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 24, 2020

On Wednesday, the New York Times ran a big article informing the world that there is a “new face of white supremacy.” They claim that this face is that of “The Base,” a satanic death cult.

Unsurprisingly, we are now finding out that “The Base” is a front for American intelligence.

As we found out earlier this month, “The Base,” named as the English translation of “Al-Qaeda,” is a rebranding of the fake Nazi group “Atomwaffen.”

Like Atomwaffen, The Base is a satanic cult that engages in animal sacrifice and promotes murder and terrorism as a means to achieve satanic magical powers.

Recently, a federal informant operating inside The Base encouraged members to vandalize synagogues, and an undercover agent infiltrated an event put on by the group where they sacrificed a goat. Also recently, a total of six members of the group were arrested ahead of the Virginia gun rally, where they were reportedly planning to do terrorism.

Atomwaffen was allowed by the federal cops to kill a total of five people and remain active, leading me to believe that they were obviously a front for feds to lure in stupid people and convince them to commit acts of terrorism. However, due to my own writing calling them out, as well as others looking at them with suspicion, the group rebranded as “The Base.”

Now, The Guardian has done an investigation into the group, and claims to have found various interesting facts about the group’s leader, who they identify as Rinaldo Nazzaro, including that he claimed to work for the CIA and ran a private intelligence group. He also bought land for neo-Nazi terrorist training operations.

It is almost hilarious how obvious it is that this guy is a fed, but that doesn’t matter because a group like this is going to appeal to the lowest common denominator of retards, and if they do commit terrorism, the media won’t call them out as operatives of the federal government.

It may seem strange that The Guardian would call out a fed agent. However, what appears to be happening is that they are trying to blame the whole thing on Russia. I cannot corroborate any of what they are saying here, but they claim he has a Russian wife and has lived in Russia. They suggest that he is currently in Russia, though they give no evidence of that.

Jason Wilson writes for The Guardian:

The Guardian has learned the true identity of the leader and founder of the US-based neo-Nazi terror network the Base, which was recently the target of raids by the FBI after an investigation into domestic terrorism uncovered their plans to start a race war.

Members of the group stand accused of federal hate crimes, murder plots and firearms offenses, and have harbored international fugitives in recent months.

The Base’s leader previously operated under the aliases “Norman Spear” and “Roman Wolf”. Members of the network do not know his true identity due to the group’s culture of internal secrecy.

But the Guardian can reveal that “Norman Spear” is in fact US-born Rinaldo Nazzaro, 46, who has a long history of advertising his services as an intelligence, military and security contractor. He has claimed, under his alias, to have served in Russia and Afghanistan.

The revelation of his identity comes after a months-long investigation by the Guardian into Nazzaro and the activities of the Base.

While Nazzaro’s most recently used address is in New Jersey, there is evidence supporting his claims of being based in Russia, where he lives with his Russian wife.

Hard evidence is never presented. They simply show that he lived in Russia some number of years ago and say that insiders they talked to claimed that he’d been in Russia recently.

The Base – which is an approximate English translation of “al-Qaida” – began recruiting in late 2018. The white supremacy group, which has regional and international cells, extols the virtues of an all-out race war while specifically targeting African Americans and Jewish people.

Using encrypted apps, members of the highly organized group planned terror campaigns; vandalized synagogues; established armed training camps and recruited new members.

Rinaldo Nazzaro has maintained a decidedly low profile: he has no visible presence on any major social media platforms, no published writings under his own name, and no profile in local or national media.

Few traces of him exist anywhere, except where a name is required in official business – such as real estate purchases and the registration of companies.

Multiple emails and phone calls to Nazzaro went unanswered.

But through a painstaking investigation involving freedom of information requests, the analysis of material provided to the Guardian by a whistleblower inside the group, and cross-examination of information found online and in databases, the Guardian was able to piece together his identity and some of his whereabouts.

The Guardian was able to unravel Nazzaro’s identity due to his 2018 activities in a remote corner of the Pacific north-west.

In chat rooms hosted by the Base, Nazzaro stressed the importance of in-person meet-ups and required members to attend training camps. The Base’s propaganda videos show young men undergoing combat training together in rural areas.

Last August, an Oregon-based antifascist group, Eugene Antifa, warned that the Base was planning a “hate camp” in the neighboring state of Washington, and claimed Nazzaro (operating under the alias of “Spear”) had purchased land in Stevens county for training purposes. This warning came after a leak of the Base’s internal chats.

In emails obtained by the Guardian via public records request, the Stevens county Sheriff, Brad Manke, is seen contacting the FBI and the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) for advice on the group.

On 20 August 2019, Manke writes to an FBI agent, asking: “Do you have a name for the actual head of the group The Base or the address where the property actually is?”

In a 20 September email responding to an SPLC researcher, Manke writes: “I have since learned that ‘The Base’ has purchased property in Ferry County, WA which is a neighboring county.”

Property record searches revealed that three 10-acre blocks of undeveloped land were purchased in December 2018 for $33,000 in the name of a Delaware LLC called “Base Global”. In a telephone conversation in late November, Manke confirmed that this was the block of land he had been referring to.

So he purchased land for terrorist training using an LLC named after the terrorist group he runs.

That is really quite something.

In recordings of two internal Base voice calls provided to the Guardian by the source, “Norman Spear” discusses his recent land purchase.

When asked why the land had been inexpensive, he replied: “Because there’s no possibility of getting utilities in there. Ever.” He continued: “But to me, that was a good thing for my purposes. I looked at it like it was just naturally secluded.”

In deeds of sale, the address provided for the company was a New Jersey post office – enough to conceal the purchaser’s identity. But separate tax affidavits associated with the purchase give a different address for Base Global.

That address is for a New Jersey apartment that has belonged to an older family member of Nazzaro since 1998. Nazzaro and his wife have also intermittently resided at that address, according to database searches.

The affidavits are also signed by Nazzaro, and dated “12/21/2018 Republic”. Republic is the seat and the only city in Ferry county, Washington.

According to a source inside the Base, this date coincided with a trip by Russia-based “Norman Spear” to the United States, during which time he had in-person meetings with members of the group.

Speculation that Nazzaro was a federal agent

The location of the land is consistent with “Norman Spear’s” advocacy of a white supremacist strategy called the Northwest Territorial Imperative (NTI), which was promoted by the deceased white supremacist Harold Covington.

The strategy argues for the creation of a separatist ethnostate in the Pacific north-west and encourages white supremacists to move to the region.

In one of “Norman Spear’s” first public appearances, on a far-right podcast recorded in December 2017, he was introduced as a Northwest Front (another white supremacist separatist group) organizer and went on to spell out a four-state plan culminating in “achieving independence, realizing the ultimate goal which is an independent nation state in the Pacific north-west, an ethnostate”.

The plan, he said, would trigger the relocation to the Pacific north-west of the white population in the United States.

Around the same time, “Spear” filmed a series of short instructional presentations on the tactics and strategy of guerrilla warfare. In an archive of those videos on the far-right site Bitchute, he is identified as “Defense Studies expert and former CIA field intelligence officer Norman Spear”.

This detail, coupled with other leads, compelled many to speculate whether “Norman Spear” was, in fact, a federal agent operating inside the Base.

Under the motto “there is no political solution”, the Base embraces an “accelerationist” ideology, which holds that acts of violence and terror are required in order to push liberal democracy towards collapse, preparing the way for white supremacists to seize power and institute an ethnostate.

Beginning in 2009 and until as late as 2019, Nazzaro billed himself as an intelligence expert working with various government and military agencies.

Nazzaro is the principal of an LLC called Omega Solutions International (OSI), a company offering a range of intelligence and security contracting.

Its website, which was removed from the Internet some time after August 2019, boasted of the firm’s “experience conducting intelligence analysis for government agencies, military organizations, and private businesses”, as well as access to a network of seasoned security professionals with expertise in counterterrorism, counterinsurgency, homeland security, hostage rescue/negotiations, psychological operations, and more.

The firm also has a Cage Code, which is an administrative requirement for military and government contractors.

So this guy had a CAGE (Commercial and Government Entity) Code and was operating a private intelligence contracting agency AT THE SAME TIME as he was running a satanic neo-Nazi cult advocating terrorism in the United States.

Wow. It’s almost as if this was all set up to provide a trail for journalists to follow.

How retarded are the people that get involved with these sorts of groups?

It is truly staggering.

Materials inspected and sources consulted by the Guardian indicate that Nazzaro, as “Spear”, has faced persistent suspicions from current and former members of the group that he is a “fed”, or the agent of a foreign government, or that the Base is a “honeypot” intended to lure neo-Nazis out into the open for the benefit of law enforcement agencies.

Former members have cited this as a reason for leaving.

A connection with Russia

New York marriage records show that Nazzaro and his wife were married in New York City in 2012, during the period when Nazzaro is recorded as maintaining a midtown Manhattan address. At that time, he was recorded as having one child.

A Russian site that scrapes and archives social media accounts had captured a profile, and photos, posted by Nazzaro’s Russian-born wife to VK, the Russian social media site.

The photographs show the same person who has been presenting himself as “Norman Spear”.

Meanwhile, a reverse image search yielded a photograph matching public photos of “Norman Spear” atop advertisements for English lessons in St Petersburg, Russia.

The Guardian was only able to find one earlier photograph attached to his real name. It appeared above a vox pop in the Villanovan, the student paper of Catholic, Pennsylvania-based Villanova University, in 1994.

Here’s that.

Somebody has to say it: the guy looks really Jewish.

At the time of the photograph, “Ron Nazzaro” was described as a junior in philosophy, which is consistent with a 1973 birthdate. A source who has met “Spear” in person believes that the 1994 photo of Nazzaro is the same person he met.

Richard Tobin, a Base member, is awaiting trial in New Jersey over allegations that he coordinated the September vandalism of synagogues in Michigan and Wisconsin. In a December custody hearing, the prosecuting assistant US attorney cited Tobin’s self-professed belief that “Norman Spear” was a Russian spy.

See: there you go.

This guy ran a private military intelligence group and couldn’t think to not register his terrorist training camp under the name of his terrorist satanic cult. Is that believable?

All of this appears to have been set up to link back to Russia, and then after these people commit a terrorist attack of some kind, blame it not only on white nationalism and all white people, but also on Russia.

If this guy is in Russia, he should be arrested and deported. But I think it is very unlikely that he is in Russia. I think as part of the trail that was laid out for journalists to follow, he made it look like he was in Russia.

The Guardian has discovered that all of the business addresses associated with Nazzaro’s OSI LLCs are “virtual offices”. This describes a situation where a second company provides a business address, and sometimes meeting rooms and greeting services, for businesses who do not wish to maintain their own premises.

The addresses are often prestigious: OSI’s virtual address locations include Fifth Avenue in Manhattan and K Street in Washington DC, an address associated with federal government contracting and lobbying.

Meanwhile, “Norman Spear” appears to have had no extended history in the neo-Nazi movement before emerging as leader of the Base.

Yeah, he just all of a sudden decided in his 40s that he wanted to become the leader of a satanic fake Nazi group and started spending tens of thousands of dollars on that project.

Seems legit.

According to an internally placed source, the only people within the movement who vouched for “Spear” were connected to the Northwest Front (NWF). The NWF founder, Harold Covington, was himself the subject of persistent rumors within the white nationalist movement that he was a federal informant, and that NWF was itself a honeypot – a front organization routinely used by US law enforcement in order to entrap people.

“Norman Spear” has told Base members that he remains in Russia. Law enforcement sources have indicated on background that Nazzaro is believed by some agencies to be working for the Russian government.

Yeah, I’m sure quite a few agencies believe that.

Anyway, this all really points to both the insanity of the white nationalist movement in general, that this sort of brutally obvious fed shilling is able to take place and that a bunch of retards are stupid enough to get involved with it, and the amount of resources that the feds are now dumping into messing with these retards.

You really all just need to stay the hell away from anyone involved in white nationalism who isn’t explicitly normal. All of this fed stuff operates on the weirdo fringe, because that’s where people won’t question it to any real extent.

Again: If anyone starts talking about violence, get the hell away from them. These people are all feds. If by some chance they are genuinely retarded, then they’ve already triggered the attention of the feds and they’re being watched and everyone they communicate with is being watched.

I would also advise you to stay away from anyone who isn’t pro-Christian. Obviously any normal person is already going to stay away from goat-sacrificing satanists, but anyone who is anti-Christian should be viewed with equal suspicion.

They want people to commit terrorism and other acts of violence, as it justifies everything they are doing to crack down. It is hard to get people to do it, however, so they have to go in themselves and create these groups and start agitating.


Following the Guardian article, the BBC has claimed to have placed Nazzaro in Russia.


The American founder of US-based militant neo-Nazi group The Base is directing the organisation from Russia, a BBC investigation has found.

Rinaldo Nazzaro, 46, who uses the aliases “Norman Spear” and “Roman Wolf”, left New York for St Petersburg less than two years ago.

A video posted online in March 2019 shows Nazzaro in Russia wearing a t-shirt bearing an image of President Vladimir Putin along with the words “Russia, absolute power”.

We traced Nazzaro and his Russian wife to an upmarket property in central St Petersburg purchased in her name in July 2018 – the same month to which the FBI dates the creation of The Base.

Records show that, before moving to Russia, Nazzaro ran a company registered in New York that offered access to a “network of security professionals” with expertise in intelligence, counterterrorism, counterinsurgency, and psychological operations.

Yes, how convenient that he was literally wearing a Putin T-shirt in the photos uncovered by the BBC.

They say they traced the property, but they don’t say that they knocked on the door or confirmed that they lived there. They don’t even say his wife’s name.

So I don’t know if I even believe this.

They are trying to frame the Russians as funding this satanic death cult while they are trying to frame white nationalists as satanic terrorists.

Obviously, if Russia was for some reason going to fund a satanic death cult in America, they wouldn’t have the leader of it obviously living in Russia, and easily traced there by journalists. That is idiotic. Nor would they pick up on a group – Atomwaffen – that was already linked to the FBI. I doubt they would employ someone who was currently involved in government contracted intelligence work either.

And of course you would have to explain why Russia would want to fund a satanic terrorist group in America in the first place. Something that would be really hard to explain.

If he is in Russia, they should deport him.