Report: Mainland Chinese Traveling to Hong Kong to Engage in Riots of Terror!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 28, 2019

So, according to the Wall Street Journal, it has already begun.

Mainland Chinese are going to Hong Kong to engage in these Western-backed riots of absolute terror against the peaceful nation of China.

Wall Street Journal:

On June 16, a 24-year-old female graduate student with the family name Chen donned a black T-shirt, grabbed a surgical mask in case she needed to hide her face, and joined a massive march against further erosion of the city’s freedoms by China.

That much was standard procedure for many of the estimated two million people who took to the streets that day. What set her apart was her Chinese passport.

We have to take this with a grain of MSG, of course, because WSJ is the key State Department media outlet attempting to stir this wok.

But it seems to me to be believable enough that at least some mainlanders are getting all hopped up on revolution gibberish and traveling to Hong Kong to get involved in the umbrella war.

This is going to lead to a situation like in Syria, where people were traveling to join ISIS and then returning home to commit terrorist acts. These people traveling to Hong Kong and seeing the glory of throwing firebombs at cops and waving around big sticks will absolutely return to Guangzhou, Shanghai and Beijing and start pushing for violent revolution on the streets of those cities.

There is no way this ends other than in violence, China.

Everyone understands this.

The longer it goes on, the closer it gets to spreading, and on a long enough timeline, without a gratuitous display of bloody force, there is no possibility that this won’t be the end of the Chinese Empire.

They will do to China the same thing they did to the USSR, once this machine gets rolling, splitting it up into a bunch of different smaller states.

They will no doubt put the kiked-out Hong Kong revolutionary movement in charge of the entirety of Cantonese South China, where – by sheer good luck – most of the important manufacturing and ports are.

Yay, the supply lines will hardly be affected as China ends forever and tens of millions of people die at the hands of a Jewish terrorist campaign.

So, China – you’d better start killing these people now, because it will soon be far too late.