Tillerson: Trump Went Off on Dopey Generals During First 6 Months in Office, Demanded Closure of Foreign Bases

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
January 18, 2020

Rex Tillerson is out there now, shilling his new book about his experience working with the White House as Secretary of State. Remember, Rex was a dopey Boomer with no experience other than being the Exxon-Mobil head honcho and leading a campaign to make the Boy Scouts more pedo-inclusive.

That being said, he was clearly more reasonable than Mike Pompeo, who came after him and who is an obese Zionist nutjob to a degree that Tillerson simply wasn’t. Overall, it has to be said that hiring Rex was another in a long list of stupid hiring decisions made by Orange Cheeto Hitler which crippled his America First agenda straight out of the gate. Unsurprisingly, Rex is now planning to cash in on the Drumpf hate by talking smack about his former boss in his tell-all book.

No one could have predicted thith.

Huffington Post:

What exactly went down during a July 2017 meeting at the Pentagon between President Trump and his military leaders has long been the subject of speculation. One of the tantalizing details that’s been previously reported is that, whatever took place, it provoked then Secretary of State Rex Tillerson to call his commander-in-chief “a fucking moron.”

Now an excerpt of a new book published in the Washington Post demonstrates exactly what tipped Tillerson over the edge. An account of the meeting in the upcoming book A Very Stable Genius: Donald J. Trump’s Testing of America, depicts Trump becoming increasingly angry as his generals tried to teach him the fundamental basics of American post-war history.

The book states that the meeting took place six months into Trump’s presidency after his generals became concerned about “gaping holes” in Trump’s knowledge of America’s key alliances. The idea was to bring Trump to the Pentagon’s situation room where military leaders, so the plan went, would give him a crash-course on who America’s allies were, why they were worth keeping on side, and where on Earth they were located.

Let me translate this deceptive phrase. It was a plan to gang up on Trump and make him give up on his America First agenda. It failed at first because Donald Trump still had some fight in him going into his year at the helm, so he dug his heels in and didn’t want to back down to the stupid and sadistic homosexuals running America’s military empire.

However, the meeting seems to have descended into chaos almost immediately. Tillerson, then Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis, and then Director of the National Economic Council Gary Cohn reportedly took turns trying to explain their points to Trump. But Trump is said to have first appeared bored out of his mind before he got increasingly angry.

This is making me like Trump again. Sitting around listening to a bunch of WONKs rationalizing away why America needs to be fighting Israel’s wars and harvesting opium for the Sackler family’s poison pills would be equal parts boring and exasperating.

I’m surprised that Trump didn’t go full Gorilla Mode on them.

Every good leader in world history has had to physically beat the shit out of his uppity generals and civil servants at some point early in their careers to make them listen and do their jobs. What could they even do to stop the president from wailing on them?

Hit the president back? Unlikely.

I want the next guy who runs for president to vow to beat the shit out of bureaucrats and policy-makers with his bare knuckles if he gets elected. If they touch him back, they get arrested for sedition. Boom.

The account states Trump repeatedly interrupted the lesson after apparently being triggered by a word or phrase uttered by the military leaders. One example given is that he heard the word “base” during the lesson, which sparked him into launching a tirade about how “crazy” and “stupid” it was that the U.S. paid to build and maintain bases overseas.

Hello, epic department? Yeah, 2017 Donald Trump called and left a message.

His first grievance was reportedly against South Korea, when he suggested charging rent for a $10 billion missile defense system the U.S. built there to protect South Korea and American troops. He then complained about Nato, saying they were in “arrears” to the U.S. for not spending enough money on defense—a complaint he’s repeatedly raised during his presidency.

Man, do I want the old “take no prisoners” Donald Trump back.

They’ve clearly swapped him out with a fatter, dumber and more orange clone. Either that or Ivanka has been slipping poison into his Diet Coke to slow him down, make him more compliant. What the heck kind of Democracy do we live in when even the greatest American populist since Andrew Jackson can’t go 6 months without being sat down by generals and bullied into submission?

We’re done with it. This charade needs to end.