Revolt Against Merkel: Poland Wants the Right to Decide How Many Africans She will Take

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 17, 2015

Poland is the latest nation to revolt against the Merkel stratagem.

It is funny that the reason Poland is rejecting it is the same reason Italy is embracing it: because they want less immigrants, not more.

RMF 24:

Poland does not agree to having a quota imposed on her as to how many immigrants are allowed in the country, as per the Commission’s proposed European deployment program for the resettlement of refugees, says Deputy Interior Minister Piotr Stachańczyk. Spain and Portugal are also skeptical about the EU plan.

The EC’s proposals on the placement of 40,000 immigrants who have entered through Italy and Greece in EU countries were the topic of the meeting of foreign ministers of EU countries. The Commission wants participation in this program to be mandatory.

“There were voices of countries that are willing to fully adopt such a proposal. There were also the votes of – and I admit that I belonged here, representing Poland – which said that the number [of refugees] we can accept will be decided at our own discretion,” Stachańczyk told reporters.

“We do not agree that this is our duty, to allow a body to calculate the number of refugees received by individual European countries,” he added. According to the deputy minister, this position is held by a “significant number of countries,” including in Eastern Europe.

Other sources claim that Spain and Portugal were also skeptical about the EC proposal. Supporters of mandatory quotas for the distribution of refugees are – while calling for EU solidarity of Italy and Greece – Germany, France, Austria, Sweden, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Cyprus and Malta. Some countries want, however, to change the criteria under which quotas are calculated. There would therefore be a majority required to approve the proposal of the European Commission.

According to Stachańczyk, in the face of a wide disparity the proposal will be the subject of EU summit to be held next week in Brussels.

Plain and simple, Merkel is attempting to commit a genocide against the European people. Orban is, so far, the only European leader who has come close to stating this fact.

Piotr Stachańczyk: A reasonable man.
Piotr Stachańczyk: A reasonable man.

I am very happy to hear that Poland is also in revolt, and I hope that at the summit, they will voice this position more aggressively.