RFK Jr. Shrugs Off Babysitter Groping Accusations, Basically Admits It, Says He’s Done Way Worse Shit

RFK is apparently more clever than I expected.

When they ask him about putting the moves on his kids’ babysitter, he’s like “yeah, so? I did a bunch of other shit too.”

This is way better than a denial.

Remember when Trump apologized for the “grab ’em by the pussy” video?

He should have said: “I’ve grabbed so many pussies, you wouldn’t even believe it.”

The Guardian:

Robert F Kennedy Jr has responded to an allegation that he sexually assaulted an employee by stating: “I am not a church boy,” as scrutiny grows over his long-shot run for the presidency.

The independent candidate, who is seen as a threat by both the Biden and Trump campaigns, made the statement after his former babysitter told Vanity Fair that Kennedy assaulted her at his home in 1998.

Yeah, I mean.

Whether it happened or not, you can’t engage these goofy media “molestation” attacks.

“Yeah, well – I can believe it” is the best response. At least nowadays.

Eliza Cooney, who worked for Kennedy and his then wife as a live-in nanny at the family’s home in Mount Kisco, New York, said Kennedy touched her leg at a business meeting and later appeared shirtless in her bedroom before asking her to rub lotion on his back.

A few months later, Kennedy blocked Cooney in the kitchen “and began groping her”, Vanity Fair reported. Cooney told the magazine that Kennedy touched her inappropriately.

Asked about the sexual assault allegation on the Breaking Points podcast, Kennedy said: “The [Vanity Fair] article is a lot of garbage.”

He added: “Listen, I have said this from the beginning. I am not a church boy. I am not running like that.

I said in my … I had a very, very rambunctious youth. I said in my announcement speech that I have so many skeletons in my closet that if, if they could all vote, I could run for king of the world.

“So, you know, Vanity Fair is recycling 30-year-old stories. And, I’m not, you know, going to comment on the details of any of them. But it’s, you know, I am who I am.”

That’s the best answer ever.

It’s who he is. It’s who I am. The Irish master race is involved in severe criminality and serious babysitter-groping – and much worse.

I don’t support politics, and in fact I am against them. But in terms of this whole show that is the American political system, this is the sort of show I want to see.

Bobby Kennedy Jr. was 29 (not 19) when he started throwing up on a commercial flight and they found heroin in his bag.

This has been public information since it happened and he pled guilty in 1984.

He was also ultra-handsome (and didn’t have that voice thing he has now).

This “OMG I can’t believe you got flirty with the babysitter 25 years ago” is retarded. Dude was arrested for heroin possession. He’s not running for pope. He’s running for president of the single most degenerate shithole that ever existed on earth.

I obviously don’t care about “sexual assault,” and frankly I think that any man who hasn’t done it is gay (unless they are ultra-religious, which I of course respect, but most men do not become seriously religious until their 30s or 40s).

Insofar as politics matter at all, at least RFK is talking about real issues, like Trump did in 2016. Frankly, Trump isn’t really saying anything I care about these days. So I’m glad Bobby is around.