Richard Nixon: “Bohemian Grove is the Most Faggoty God Damned Thing You Could Ever Imagine”

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 16, 2013

Bohemian Grove is largely a distraction, given that the likes of Alex Jones have used it to deflect blame away from the Jews onto a shadowy group of secret satanist pedophile communist baby-eaters from Germany and Saudi Arabia (or, you know, whatever).

It is an interesting phenomena though, if we come at it from a more reasonable angle. The US government is filled with sex perverts. The Jews will not promote any goyim who they do not have dirt on into positions of power, that they can use to make sure they stay in line. As it is, probably a majority of congressmen and other high level government officials are homos, pedos and homo-pedos. Others probably just are on hotel CCTV with prostitutes that the Jews have the phone numbers of, who they can call up at any time and tell to go public with their stories.

This is a fundamental means by which the Jews control the mechanisms of power in White society – they find the worst among us, who would otherwise be in prison, killed or at least forced to work low-level jobs due to lack of character, to the highest place in our societies.

I don’t think that the attendees of Bohemian Grove are Satan-worshiping German occultists, but I do think they are weird perverts, who deserve to be tried for their crimes.


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