RNC’s New Spokesman is a 28-Year-Old “Proud Religious Jew” Bikini Model

Elizabeth Pipko

Them chosen ones is beautiful. They love our freedoms and protect our culture.

It’s time those lefties realize, we wouldn’t have nothing if it weren’t for the Jews.

Jews built this damn country.

New York Post:

This MAGA-loving bikini model is suiting up to support Donald Trump — trading the pool for the podium as she lends her ample assets to the Republican National Committee as a new spokeswoman.

Elizabeth Pipko, a 28-year-old born-and-bred Manhattanite, told The Post she’s happy to trade her signature “New York uniform of dark black” for red, white and blue as she helps the rebranded RNC try to re-elect the former president in November.

“The things he’s been through have been unreal. A lot of people look at what he’s up against every day and see his real character,” the Sports Illustrated beauty gushed about Trump, 77.

The RNC, which said it acts as “one unified operation” with the Trump campaign, underwent a major overhaul in March after the ouster of longtime chair Ronna McDaniel.

New co-chairs Michael Whatley and Trump daughter-in-law, Lara Trump have since overseen a significant staffing shake-up that reportedly included some 60 axed employees.

The committee’s current laser focus is on fundraising, beefing up what Trump calls “election integrity” and mounting the “most aggressive early voter turnout campaign ever” in the critical months leading up to the expected nail-biter election Nov. 5 as Trump leads President Biden in key battleground states in new polls.

Pipko, the daughter of Jewish Russian immigrants who fled religious persecution, said she considers herself the embodiment of the American dream — and can’t wait to make “a difference.

“This is one of the biggest elections in this country’s history,” said the self-described “proud religious Jew,” whose resume includes nabbing Ivy League degrees from Harvard and Penn universities and publishing three books.

It’s emblematic of what’s going on with the Republicans, who have entered late-stage boomerism.

They think this is funny.

They’re laughing.

They are just going to keep watching TV and eating while burning the world down, chanting the stupidest slogans they saw on TV.

No one is talking about the Trump campaign because it sucks and it’s boring and everyone knows it doesn’t matter. But the boomers are talking about it. Boomers are getting gassed up, really excited about new wars for the Jews. They really hate college students.