Romanian Gypsy Thanks the British Taxpayer for Building Him a House in Romania

Daily Stormer
December 9, 2014

Thanks, Britain!
Thanks, Britain!

The British people are not only working to pay for the brown people living in their own countries, but also brown people living everywhere else.

Great job, Britain. Brown people the world over really appreciate the effort.


A Romani Gypsy who came to Britain in the first days of relaxed visa rules this year has thanked English taxpayers for unwittingly paying for his new house back in Romania, for which he is siphoning off £60,000 worth of benefits being paid to him and his family.

Apparently dumbfounded by the remarkably generous state welfare handouts in the United Kingdom, Ion Lazar, 36 said: “It’s coming in benefits. It’s like free money, thank you England”. Because Lazar has three children and works part-time as a scrap metal ‘collector’ he pays no tax but is eligible for some £1,700 a month in benefit, all of which he sends back to his home country.

The money is being used to extensively refurbish his house in Romania, which when completed will feature three bedrooms and a large plasma television. The Express newspaper has reported the comments of Lazar, who will feature in a Channel Five documentary being screened tonight. He said: “I know the benefit I can make very easily in England.

“I am very happy because in England I make this money. What can you say – thank you England, she has helped me. I have everything now. I think in two or three years I am going to make £60,000, maybe more.

“All the money that is coming from the benefit and my work is going to Romania because I have a family”.

Another family featured in the programme used money sent home to Poland to establish a restaurant in Warsaw.

There are over 6.5 billion non-Whites in the world. I think the British people have a duty to pay for the entire lives of all of these people. The only reason they wouldn’t do that is because they are racists.