Rough-Riding Kikesucker Kassy Dillon Tries to Dirty-Dog Candace Owens in the Name of Jews

Kassy Dillon might be ugly, but at least she’s easy.

That stupid bitch Kassy Dillon, who is a low-down rough-rider, is back trying to dirty-dog real conservatives in the name of the blasted Jews.

The nasty old cunt Dillon, a well-known kikesucker, began attacking Candace Owens because she refused to denounce Our Kanye for his anti-Semitism.

The exchange happened in a Twitter thread started by Daily Wire co-founder Jeremy Boreing. This is the full thread – so far.

Notice that Lauren Chen stepped in to defend Candace against the cunt Dillon. Lauren Chen is a hapa, Candace is black. Dillon and Boreing are the whites involved. Dillon might be part Jewish, I don’t know. I think she isn’t, but she’d act the same either way. White women are all whores who will sell themselves to Jews at the first opportunity.

What a dirty dog.

White people are pussies and always bend to the Jews. If nonwhites are the people who are going to stand up against the Jews, then frankly, I’m with them.

I consider myself pro-white, and I defend whites, and I fight for whites. But above everything else, I am anti-Jew. In my experience, white people are cowards who will either openly defend the sickening murderous Jews, or they will simply sit back and say nothing, out of fear of losing money or status. Frankly, I’m sick of it.

Why should I defend white people if white people won’t defend themselves, ever? I’ve destroyed my own life battling these Jews, and I’m not going to lose by hitching myself to the dead horse that is white people. If blacks or hapas or Australian abos or anyone else decides to go total war against the Jews, I’m siding with them.

I will tell you this: I’ve been sold out and dirty-dogged by whites a lot more than anyone else – even the sickening murdering Jews.

The only thing that matters to me is revenge against the Jews. I literally do not care about anything else, including my own life – and, for that matter, everyone else’s life.

I’m thinking of announcing that I am trans-black, and standing with the blacks, because they’re the only people who actually want to deal with these Jews once and for all.

In her rampage in defense of the Christ-killers, Kassy Dillon retweeted Jonathan Greenblatt saying Ben Shapiro should not be attacked, and instead people should be attacking Candace.

Shapiro is going to fire Candace. There is no way he’s going to stand with her while she’s standing with Kanye.

I will stand with them both, and anyone else interested in finding a solution to the Jewish problem. I am very tired of all white people being complete and total faggots and kikesuckers.