Royal Solidarity: Queen Elizabeth Riding Deep with Prince Andrew!

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
November 19, 2019

Queen Elizabeth is literally 93 years old. She’s probably just not even there anymore. They told her over tea, “spot of bother with Prince Andrew, luv.” To which she replied, “Andy? Lil’ Randy Pandy Andy? He’s a good lad, no need to be mean.”

She then rode her horse into the sunset.

Daily Mail:

The Queen and other senior royals have told Prince Andrew they ‘back and believe’ him ‘100 per cent’ after his calamitous interview with the BBC.

The Duke of York is said to have received his mother’s private support over the Newsnight interview on Saturday, but she will not be publicly commenting on it, a Palace insider told the London Evening Standard.

It follows Andrew facing a barrage of criticism after speaking out about his friend Jeffrey Epstein and claims he had sex with his ‘slave’ Virginia Roberts three times.

Andrew has also been reassured that his duties will not be slashed back after he was urged to ‘take a break’ for the sake of others including his brother Prince Charles, whose trip to New Zealand was overshadowed as it started today.

Today, the Queen appeared sombre as she was photographed riding in the grounds of Windsor Castle accompanied by her Head Groom Terry Pendry.


If this 93-year-old can ride a horse, she can surely watch Prince Andrew’s disastrous TV interview.

I guess that means she’s in on it. I think there are some questions regarding the Royal Family that deserve answering:

  • Why did Prince Harry – who dated blondes before – suddenly decide to sire the future Mulatto King of Africa with an ugly American divorcee plagued by scandal?

  • What was the nature of the Prince Charles’ special relationship with Jeremy Savile (known pedophile ring operator), and why did they stay so chummy with him until his death?

  • Why did prominent people in Princess Diana’s life allege that she had been killed off by MI6 immediately after her famous road death?

  • Why was Prince Andrew so chummy with Jeffrey Epstein (known pedophile ring operator and Mossad agent)?

  • Prince Charles’ uncle, Lord Mountbatten, was a prominent pedophile. This is according to information gathered by the FBI. Are they ever going to address this?

The people want to know what’s going on here.

Don’t the people have a right to not be ruled over by weirdos and pedos? What kind of bizarre regime is this? The Royal Family is supposed to be a taxpayer-subsidized PR troupe for the UK, but instead we find out that they’re a bunch of disgusting cretins that engage in pederasty, murder and zoophilia.

By my reckoning that means they need to be fired ASAP.

For such an expensive PR team, they sure are making Pedo Island look bad.