I Stand with the Queen

I’ve seen a lot of people attacking the Queen because she oversaw the end of the British Empire. I think there is probably something to say about that, actually – but it doesn’t even matter at all. Maybe the Queen could have been political, and maybe her being political would have been a good thing, but she wasn’t political.

Furthermore, the monarchy had been chained up since Oliver Cromwell, and the actual amount of power they had was questionable. Cromwell proved that the parliament can just kill the monarch, and that was something they had to keep in mind. The crown probably wanted to side with Adolf Hitler, and they couldn’t make that happen.

But it doesn’t matter either way. It’s literally irrelevant. The Queen, whoever she was as a person, remains a symbol of the British and of white people in general – a symbol of our previous glory. The blacks and Jews attacking her view her as a symbol, so we pretty much have to take that at face value.

I’m sure as hell not standing with these blacks and Jews attacking the Queen – that is disgusting to me. I’m never standing with the Jews on anything, as I’ve repeatedly explained – yes, I will stake positions based on not agreeing with Jews, and I don’t apologize for that.

Yes, there are conversations to be had about what the Queen could or couldn’t have done, what she did or did do, and what she did secretly or semi-secretly. I think it’s fine to have that conversation. But you don’t go out and condemn her after she died, standing with these undesirables. That is plainly gross.

I condemn every right-wing figure who is taking the opportunity of her death to attack her, and I condemn anyone hoping King Charles will fail. I think it’s likely King Charles will fail. I don’t think he has the strength to stand up against these screeching mulatto females calling for an end to the monarchy. But we should all be hoping and praying that he preserves the throne.

Things are not always going to be this bad. Eventually, things are going to get better. When things get better, it would be good to have the monarchy intact, as a link between the present and the past. It would give the British, and white people generally, the moral authority to build a new political and social order. We can get that moral authority from something else, but there is no reason not to have the monarchy.

Prince William could be a based King.

He would play the same role in a right-wing society that Elizabeth played in a leftist society – he would just stand back and not ever say anything political, while providing moral authority to the nation.

Charles doesn’t look especially healthy, so we’re probably looking at a situation where William will take over around the time things start to shift back to the right, and we begin to physically remove some of these people from our country. This would be much better than a situation where Charles goes along with allowing these Jews and their pets to abolish the monarchy.